Major Romulus Augustus

Commanding officer of the Ganf Magna Grim Grenadiers
Bilious - The regiment’s commander is ill-tempered and paranoid, eternally suspicious of betrayal, and watchful of enemies and allies alike. He regards vigilance as the greatest of virtues, and encourages suspicion and watchfulness amongst his men.


Interaction Type Modifier Explanation
Charm -20 Contemptious - He has nothing but contempt for equals or inferiors, thinking his former commisariat status puts him above everyone.
Command +10 Loyal - Not actually a loyal soldier, but he has a tendency to snap to orders befitting his past status, as well as an inclination to suck up to superiors.
Deception -30 Disbelieving - He is a deceptive scumbag himself, so he assumes the worst in everyone by default.
Intimidate +20 Frightened - Easily intimidated as he is now quite a coward, this increases +10 when in any environment where bullets are flying.
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