Maximal (Weapon Quality)

Maximal weapons have two fire settings allowing the wielder to either use the weapon at its lower setting to conserve ammo and allow a higher rate of fire or make single powerful blasts that require the weapon to recharge between shots. Before making an attack, the user can choose to either fire the weapon normally, in which case it uses the profile detailed on Table 6–9: Ranged Weapons, or to fire it on Maximal. When the weapon is fired on Maximal it adds 10 metres to its Range, adds 1d10 to its Damage, and +2 to its Penetration. If it has the Blast Quality, then this is improved by +2; i.e., a weapon with Blast (3) become Blast (5). The weapon also uses three times the normal amount of ammo per shot and gains the Recharge Quality.

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