Mechadendrite Use (Talent)

Tier: 2
Prerequisite: Mechanicus Implants
Specializations: Weapon, Utility
Aptitudes: Intelligence, Tech
The character is trained in the use of a particular kind of Mechadendrite (extra mechanical arms often sprouting from a cyber mantle mounted on the character’s back) in much the same way as Weapon Training allows the use of weapons.
Though there are many different types of Mechadendrite, this Talent divides them into two categories:
Weapon: Mechadendrites of this type end in either ranged or close combat weapons, and have the supplemental support and strength necessary for combat.
Utility: Including such varied types as Machine Spirit Interface, Manipulator, Medicae, Utility, Optical, and countless others, these Mechadendrites generally require less hardy mountings, but all interface with the Cyber Mantle in a similar manner.

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