Mono (Weapon Upgrades)

Mono weapons have specially fashioned blades with superfine edges that can easily cut through armour and never lose their edge. Mono weapons no longer count as Primitive and add a +2 bonus to their Penetration. The mono upgrade can be applied to a power weapon, but it has no effect whilst the power field is active. If the power field is ever lost or deactivated, the mono upgradeā€™s bonuses then apply.
Note: The mono upgrade may be applied to any Low-Tech Melee weapon, but when applied to close-combat weapons that do not use an edge (e.g., hammers, mauls, etc.), it is treated differently. Game Masters are encouraged to come up with interesting definitions for non-edged weapons with the mono upgrade. For example, a hammer with the mono upgrade could be defined as having a pneumo-shock enhancement. The in-game effects remain the same.
Upgrades: Any Low-Tech Melee weapon.
Weight: +0kg
Availability: Scarce

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