Mutant Devotee (Troop) (Unconverted)
Mutant Devotee (Troop)
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Inf
36 22 42 34 21 18 23 22 13 - -

Movement: 2/4/6/12 Wounds: 12
Armour: Tough Hide (2 All) Total TB: 5
Skills: Forbidden Lore (Daemonology) (Int), Forbidden Lore (Heresy) (Int), Intimidate (S), Parry (WS).
Talents: Frenzy, Lightning Attack.
Traits: Natural Weapons, Natural Armour (2 All), Unnatural Toughness (+2).
Weapons: Chitinous Appendage (1d10+6 I; Pen 0; Primitive [9]) or
Venomous Barb (1d10+4 R; Pen 3; Primitive [8] Toxic),
Shoddy Shotgun (Basic; 20m; S/–/–; 1d10+4 I; Pen 0; Clip 6; Reload Full; Innacurate; Scatter, Unreliable).
Gear: Foul meat, fouled clothing, rope belt, 2d10 shotgun shells.
Note that a Mutant Devotee may not make a Swift Attack.

Despite their best efforts, the powers of the Imperium are unable to curb the forces of Chaos from acting on the masses of humanity. Throughout the whole of humankind, twisted creatures exist, the result of Chaos’ manipulations. Primarily found in the lower levels of Imperial society, these mutants scrape by in an existence both reviled and tenuous. Many such “twists,” as they are often called by their betters, embrace their warped form, believing themselves true children of Chaos and devoting themselves to the will of the dark gods out of desperation and despair. Many cults and traitor militia include mutants such as these, filling out the rank and file, as well as being utilised as shock troopers thanks to their hearty and resilient forms.
The majority of these mutants are little more than men with twisted and malformed limbs and visages, though some are truly horrific beings, blessed with the worst mutations the nightmare intelligence of the warp can offer. These creatures might possess snapping claws, thickened, chitinous hides, vestigial limbs and eyes, lashing, venomous tails and tongues, or worse. Rhyme and reason play no part in the shaping of these wretched creatures and the possible forms are limitless. Many bear arms in the service of their masters, though without exception these are makeshift and shoddy.

Source: Black Crusade

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