Number 5

Cpl Number 5, Storm Trooper of the 422nd Death Korps of Krieg Siege Regiment
Note: Number 5 gained Toughness aptitude twice, from both regiment and specialty, but no replacement aptitude was chosen so I chose Intelligence for him.

Number Five's character's advances:

Characteristic: Simple Ballistic Skill (+5) (100xp)
Characteristic: Intermediate Ballistic Skill (+10) (250xp)
Skill: Stealth (+10) (200xp)
Skill: Tech-use (+10) (400xp)
Skill: Navigate (Surface) (Trained) (100xp)
Skill: Navigate (Surface) (+10) (200xp)
Talent: Lightning Reflexes (200xp)


XP History: 2000xp = 1500 (Starting) + 500 (Game 3 Ork Ambush)

Special Abilities

Only One Life to Give: So driven to martyrdom are the Krieg, that it can cause them to take unnecessary risks, lamenting that they can only sacrifice themselves once. Krieg characters must pass an Ordinary (+10) Willpower Test in order to retreat from combat or otherwise act in the interests of self-preservation.

Faceless, Nameless, and Selfless: Krieg Korpsmen are taught to regard themselves without identity, hidden behind gas masks and stripped of even their names. This lack of self helps them fight on against impossible odds, and neither fear nor doubt will hinder them. When required to make a Fear or Pinning Test, ignore all penalties applied to the Test, and simply treat it as a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test.


Lightning Reflexes

Tier: 1
Prerequisite: None
Aptitudes: Agility, Fieldcraft
The character always expects trouble, even in the most innocuous situations, allowing them to act quickly when needed. When making an Initiative roll, the character may roll twice and add the higher of the two dice results to his Agility Bonus.

Nerves of Steel

Tier: 2
Prerequisite: None
Aptitudes: Willpower, Defence
Long years on the battlefield enable the character to remain calm as fire impacts all around them. The character may re-roll failed Willpower Tests to avoid or recover from Pinning. In addition, he is seldom impressed by the aggressive displays of his enemies and gains a +10 to Willpower Tests when resisting the effects of enemy Intimidation Skill attempts.


Tier: 1
Prerequisite: None
Aptitudes: Willpower, Tech
Either part of the character’s brain has been removed or an inhibitor such as a reason inhibitor circuit has been implanted within the character’s skull, allowing him to ignore the mental strain that would affect a more “complete” person. The character receives a +20 bonus to Willpower Tests made to resist mind control or interrogation. However, he tends not to get jokes.

Rapid Reload

Tier: 1
Prerequisite: None
Aptitudes: Agility, Fieldcraft
The firing ranges and weapon drill chambers are the character’s constant abode, and hours of reloading countless magazines or power cells means that he can replace them without looking and without thinking. The character halves all reload times, rounding down. Thus, a Half Action reload becomes a Free Action, a Full Action reload becomes a Half Action, and so on.


Tier: 1
Prerequisite: None
Aptitudes: Weapon Skill, Offence
As a Half Action, or when making a Charge Action, the character may declare that he is attempting a takedown against an opponent in melee combat. He then rolls to hit (using his Weapon Skill) as normal, using any modifiers for weapons and Talents (or the +20 bonus from Charging).
If the character hits and would have done at least 1 point of Damage (after reduction for Armour and Toughness), no Wounds are caused, but the character’s opponent must make a Challenging (+0) Toughness Test or be stunned for 1 Round and knocked prone. In addition, when performing a Stun Action, the character does not suffer a –20 penalty to his Weapon Skill.

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