Only War

Our roleplaying group is currently playing a number of different campaign systems all set in the Calixis Sector and so this is where we will be recording and compiling the games. As well I will be compiling information and converting it into a usable format from the 5 different systems so that it's easier to intermingle the systems for more varied play; i.e. having space marines fighting alongside guardsmen and inquisition characters.
As a caveat, I am converting all systems for use with Only War system and not doing it the other way around. I personally enjoy Only War and want everything made to be seamlessly compatible with that one. So keep in mind that any information presented below is ultimately intended for Only War and if you are playing Black Crusade or something else you may have to reverse engineer my work to be accurate. On the flip side, just buy the proper books and enjoy the game that way. This is mainly tailored to my convenience as I dislike having multiple books to manage at once.
This being said, I'm open to suggestions for desired content and organization of the site. Leave it in the forum if you have it.


The Calixis Sector - An Overview of the planets, timelines, and other information relevant to the setting.
Calixis Sector Player Timeline - A unified timeline recounting all disparate player actions that take place in the Calixis sector as well as canon events.
Calixis Sector History - Ancient History of the Calixis Sector

The Ophinian Expanse - Homebrew expansion of the universe, edge of known Imperium territory, ruled and fought over by Rogue Traders as Governors/Princes/Pirate Lords; this is the setting for Savander Pride.
Savander Pride Characters
Savander Pride Recap


Only War Vehicle Rules
Only War Vehicle Traits
Logistics Tests
Corruption Points
Fate Points
Fear, Shock, and Insanity Points
Righteous Fury

Advancements and Character Creation

Character Classes - Each class, and advanced classes.
Only War Regiments - A list of Regiments for players to choose; official and custom.
Creating a Regiment - Guidelines to follow to create custom regiments
Talents and Traits
Comrade Orders
Psyker Powers
Rewards, Accolades and Medals


Weapons - Imperial and Xeno Weapons
Armour - Armour and Force Fields
Wargear - Clothing and Worn Gear, Drugs and Consumables, Tools

GM Information

Only War Enemies - Collection of Xeno Threats
Only War NPCs - And members of regiments
Only War Encounters - Patrols, platoon make-ups, etc.
GM Information and Adventure Paths
Only War Homebrew - Collection of all homebrew material; enemies, vehicles, weapons, etc.

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