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–Opening statement and closing remarks of
Grimtoof Git-Slaver’s negotiations for peace

Few beings pose a greater threat to Mankind than the Orks. While each Ork is a dangerous combatant is its own right, they are rarely encountered alone. Orks gravitate toward one another, gathering in tribes and clans under the brutal leadership of the strongest Ork present, the Boss. These smaller mobs of “Greenskins” are dangerous enough, quite capable of threatening an Imperial planetary defence force, but it is the collected might of a true Waaagh! that Mankind must truly fear. When a particularly savage Boss unites several clans together under his Waaagh! banner, the resulting mass of Orks is a nearly unstoppable threat, a surging tide of green-skinned warriors desiring only battle, bloodshed and war. The Orks of the Spinward Front possess infinite variety, though they all share one common trait: an unquenchable thirst for violence.

Name Type Weapon Choices/Troop Types Source
Ork Boy Troop Slugga Boy (Slugga/Choppa), Shoota Boy (Shoota/Big Shoota), Burna Boy (Burna) Only War
Loota Troop Deffgun Final Testament
Speed Freek Troop Levver Jakket, Choppa/Slugga, Vehicle Final Testament
Kommando Elite Slugga, Choppa, Grapnel Final Testament
Ork Nob Elite Snazzgun, or Slugga/Choppa or Shoota (Pet Attack Squig) Only War
'ard Nob Elite 'Ard Armour (All 5), Power Klaw, Twin-linked Big Shoota Enemies of the Imperium
Wounded Meganob Elite Power Klaw, Twin-Linked Shoota , Mega-Armour Final Testament
Meganob Elite Power Klaw, Twin-linked Big Shoota, Mega-Armour Enemies of the Imperium
Stormboy Elite Slugga, Choppa; Rokkit Pack Only War
Runtherd Handler Slugga, Choppa, Grot Prod Only War
Gretchin Minion Slugga Sneaky Boot Knife Only War
Snotling (Swarm) Minion Bite, Claws, Tiny Knives Only War
Squig Minion Squig Bite Only War
Killa Kan Elite Walker Vehicle; Any Two (Big Shoota, Rokkit Launcha, Grotzooka, Skorcha, Big Shears, Buzz Saw) Enemies of the Imperium
Mad Dok Elite Slugga, Dok's Tools, 'urty Syringe Only War
MekBoy Elite Slugga or Shokk Attack Gun, Big Wrench, Kustom Force Field; Can buff weapons. Enemies of the Imperium
Big Gun Krew Elite Kannon, Lobba or Zzap Gun; Gretchin and Runtherd Homebrew/Only War
Deff Dread Master Walker Vehicle; Any Four (Big Shoota, Rokkit Launcha, Kustom Mega-blasta, Skorcha, Burna, Power Klaw, Buzz Saw ) Enemies of the Imperium
Squiggoth Master Squiggoth Armour (All 12), Big Fangs, Stompy Feet; Fixed Supa-Lobba, 4x Pintle Big Shoota (2 left, 2 right), Optional Hullmounted Kannon or Kill Kannon Enemies of the Imperium
Gargantuan Squiggoth Master Squiggoth Armour (All 15), Enormous Fangs, Stompy Feet; Fixed Supa-Lobba, 4x Pintle Big Shoota (2 left, 2 right), Optional Hullmounted Kannon or Kill Kannon Enemies of the Imperium
Weirdboy Master Copper Thumpin' Staff; Psyker Powers (Frazzle, Zzap and Warpath) Only War
Warboss Master Twin-linked Big Shoota, Big Choppa, Power Klaw Enemies of the Imperium
Nob Guzzmasha Elite Mega-nob loadout Final Testament
Boss Garbark Master Damaged Mega-Armour, power klaw, Twin-linked Shoota Final Testament
Big Mek Noshdakka Master Bionic Left arm and Eye, Kustom Mega-blasta, Choppa Final Testament
Name Description Benefit
Bad Moons Richest Orks Commerce (Int), Deceive (Fel), and Sleight of Hand (Ag) Skills at the Trained Rank and gain the Storm of Iron Talent. Further, all of their weapons and armour count as being of Good or Best Craftsmanship
Blood Axes Traders, mercenaries, actually use tactics and stealth Increase their Strength and Perception Characteristics by +5. They also gain the Common Lore (Imperium) (Int), Scrutiny (Per), and Stealth (Ag) Skills at the Trained Rank.
Deathskulls Looters Increase their Agility and Fellowship Characteristics by +5. They also gain the Deceive (Fel), Stealth (Ag), and Tech-Use (Int) Skills at the Trained Rank, and a +5 bonus to any Test involving a weapon, vehicle, or item of wargear that is painted blue (as it is lucky!). Elite- and Master-level Deathskull Orks also gain the Touched by the Fates (1) Trait (or increase the value of this Trait by 1 if they already possess it).
Evil Sunz Speed Freeks Increase their Agility Characteristic by +10. They also gain the Operate (Surface) (Ag) and Operate (Aeronautica) (Ag) Skills at the Trained Rank, and the Hotshot Pilot Talent. Further, any vehicle piloted by a member of the Evil Sunz has its Tactical Speed increased by 5 metres and its Cruising Speed increased by 10 kph.
Goffs Close Combat Lovers +5 bonus to their Strength and Weapon Skill Characteristics, improve their Intimidate Skill to the Experienced level, and gain the Crippling Strike, Crushing Blow, Unarmed Warrior, and Unarmed Master Talents.
Snakebites Savage Tribal Orks Increase the value of their Unnatural Toughness Trait by 1. Additionally, they gain the Natural Armour (3) and Brutal Charge Traits. They also gain the Frenzy and Resistance (Poisons) Talents.


Forces of Khorne
Mutant Devotee Troop Mutated cultists; equipped with venomous barbs or chitonous claws Black Crusade - Tome of Blood
Bloodletter Elite Daemons of Khorne equipped with Hellswords, come in regimented packs Black Crusade - Tome of Blood

Traitor Legions

Traitor Guard

Imperial Guardsman Troop Standard Guardsman; lasrifle Only War
Ratling Troop Long las Only War
Servitor Troop Servo Fist Only War
Commissar Elite Power Fist, Bolt Pistol Only War
Ogryn Elite Ripper Gun Only War
Stormtrooper Elite Carapace Armour, Hot-shot lasgun Only War


Space Marine Elite Astartes Power Armour, Bolter or Bolt Pistol and Combat Knife Black Crusade


Gun Thrall Troop Servitors armed with Razor cannons, linked to their master Black Crusade
World Eaters Space Marines Elite Slower melee focussed Space Marines Black Crusade (Modified)
Chaos Space Marine Elite Chaos Space Marine Deathwatch?
World Eaters Terminator World Eaters Space Marines in Terminator Armor Black Crusade
Twisted Salamanders Mutant Space Marines Elite Salamanders turned into Pit Brutes with minor mutations and Power Armor Black Crusade - Tome of Blood (Modified)
Pit Brute Elite Daemons of Khorne equipped with Hellswords Black Crusade - Tome of Blood
Combat Servitor Troop Fist, chainaxe converted from Dark Heresy 1E
Gun Servitor Troop Fist, twin autoguns converted from Dark Heresy 1E
Industrial Servitor Troop Fist converted from Dark Heresy 1E
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