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Upcoming Campaigns
Manus Cenita - Imperial Guard vs Severan Dominate in Stalingrad style combat. Complications are Night Lords or Alpha Legion, and Dark Eldar raiding parties stealing captives.
Sisk - Feudal World, purging mutants with Inquisition. Have to call in Deathwatch Ordo Xenos to help purge when Tyrannid structures are discovered underground leading to full on bug war. Vietnam meets Starship Troopers.
Pleasure Planet, Chaos cults erupt and fight over the planet. Prefaced by a Black Crusade game.

Savendar Pride - Adventure #2, taking place on Kervatha, all members of Royal Savendarian Grenadiers on their first deployment.

Adventure Path 1 Ganf Magna Mines - Ganf Magna AP
Ganf Magna Part 2 - Assault on the Big Mek Shop

Ganf Magna Krieg Imposter Camp

Ganf Magna Camp Life - The roleplaying aspects and timeline, largely independant of missions.
Army Personalities - Stand-out personalities in the regiments, roleplaying suggestions, general feel of the armies; i.e. GM Grenadiers are gruff and worn down from countless ork battles, Elysians are very Commissar-heavy, by the book and their higher echelon is uppity and believes themselves incapable of error, Sevandar Grenadiers have leadership that is constantly overwhelmed and makes dumb mistakes while it's members are exhausted from dealing with them.

Mission Inspiration and Notes - Various inspirations from stories, SNAFUs, incompetent leadership decisions, ideas to develop into missions or campaigns.

One-Shot Missions

Name Specialty in Mind Description Enemies
Vehicle Recovery Enginseer, basic infantry The section is tasked to escort an ARV (Atlas Recovery Vehicle) out to recovery a downed Chimera Rioters, KIM anti-tank and mortars, chaos cultist
Ganf Magna
Separatist Infiltrator Convoy Ambush Anti-armour, preferably with Sniper or Demolitions A convoy of vehicles filled with Severan Dominate soldiers is trying to infiltrate the camp in the guise of Death Korps of Krieg guardsmen out on a patrol. Ambush and destroy the traitors, recover any intel or captives. Chimera, Severan Dominate Soldiers
GM Space Hulk Crash None specific A chaos corrupted Space Hulk crashes through the atmosphere and touches down on Ganf Magna. The group has to escort a convoy of troops there to investigate before the Orks get their hands onto whatever is inside. Orks, Chaos Demons
GM Big Mek Shop Assault Sniper primarily, Anti-armour or Demolitions back-up The old vehicle depot on GM has been taken over by Orks who have a Big Mek shop in full swing inside. Observe for several days, attempt to hinder efforts, later asked to harass to cover friendly movement in the area, then have to do a fighting retreat when the attack fails for over 200 km. Orks; Big Mek, Looted Wagons and Trukks, Lootas and lots of Gretchin
GM Sewer Patrol Priest, Ogryn and Psyker would be good; lot of close combat A confined sewer patrol, clearing out the sewer system of Orks with the help of several other sections. Clear their sector, place tripwire demolitions in locations as they retreat. Orks, Choppa Boys and Gretchin, possible Kommandos or a Nob if party strength is high.
GM Hold the Line! Any The players are sent several kilometers forward of the FOB to reinforce a section of trenchline the DKoK had established. There is very little troops supporting them and they're attacked periodically by orks over the next few months until there's a Big Push. Orks, variety based on party make-up, comes in waves
Support the Landers Sniper, Stormtrooper or Heavy Gunner with Autocannon/Mortar Landing craft is coming in to take the Ork Occupied Departmento Munitorum Base Complex. Troops on the ground are assaulting the complex, though they're not enough and need Lander support to take it. Landers are at risk of missile and anti-air attack. It's the party's job to drop behind enemy lines, hike up the mountainside and take out the anti-air assets just as the attack begins. They have access to a Master of Ordinance to call in bombardment on the Base Complex to assist Landing as well. Can take a Sentinel with them. Ork Lootas, Big Guns, and Skyfire weapons looted from the armouries.
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