Only War Regiments

Urban Ops

Official Regiments

Name Homeworld Type/Doctrines Usual/Favoured Weapons Source
Armageddon Steel Legion (808th) Armageddon (Hive World) Mechanized Infantry, Favoured Foe (Orks) Grenade Launcher, Missile Launcher Hammer of the Empire
Attilan Rough Riders Attila (Feudal, Unique) Rough Rider, Hardened Fighters, Skirmishers; Honour Bound Horse mounted, Hunting Lance, Bolt Pistol Hammer of the Empire
Brontian Longknives Bront (Hive) Line Infantry, Hardened Fighters, Well Provisioned Best Quality Knife, Autocannon, Meltagun Hammer of the Empire
Cadian Shock Troops (Cadian 99th Mechanized Infantry) Cadia (Fortress) Mechanized Infantry, close Order Drill, Iron Discipline Autocannon, Grenade Launcher Only War
Catachan Jungle Fighters Catachan (Death) Light Infantry, Survivalists Flamer, Heavy Bolter Only War
Death Korps of Krieg Krieg (Penitent) Siege Infantry, Die-hards, Iron Discipline Heavy Bolter, Meltagun Only War
Death Riders of Krieg (9th "Uhlans") Krieg (Penitent, Unique) Rough Riders, Iron Discipline, Heavy Lancers; The Few Cavalry Sabre, Hunting Lance Hammer of the Emperor
Elysian Drop Troops Elysia (Imperial) Drop Infantry, Iron Discipline, Demolitions Combat Shotgun, Heavy Bolter, Plasma Gun Only War
Kasrkin Cadia (Fortress) Grenadiers, Iron Discipline, Vanguard; The Few Carapace, Hot-shot lasgun, Demo Charges, Chimera/Squad; Grenade Launcher, Plasma Gun Hammer of the Emperor
Last Chancers (13th Penal Legion) Penal Colony, Unique Guerrilla Regiment, Close-Quarters Battle, Infiltrators; Condemned Lascarbine, Frenzon, gas mask, Autocannon, Sniper Rifle Hammer of the Emperor
Luggnum Sewer Rats Luggnum (Hive) Light Infantry, Hardened Fighters, Scavengers Flak Kilt, Combat Sword, Carbine, Preysense Goggles; Heavy Bolter, Meltagun Final Testament
Maccabian Janissaries 1322nd Maccabeus V (Penitent) Line Infantry, Close Order Drill, Hardened Fighters Lascannon, Plasma Gun Only War
Mordian Iron Guard (12th Armoured) Mordian (Hive) Armoured Regiment, Close Order Drill, Combat Drugs Stimm, Leman Russ Tank/Squad, Grenade Launcher, Lascannon Only War
Scintillan Fusiliers (17th "Spireborn") Scintilla (Highborn, Unique) Armoured Regiment, Well-Provisioned High quality Las weapons, Best quality light carapace, gas mask, Leman Russ Tank/Squad, Bolt Pistol, Power Sword Hammer of the Emperor
Tallarn Desert Raiders (11th) Tallarn (Death, Unique) Light Infantry, Sharpshooters Long Las, Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun Only War
Tanith First-and-Only Lost Home World (Tanith) Guerrilla Regiment Silver Warknife, Chameleoline cloak, Long-las, Missile Launcher Hammer of the Emperor
Valhallan Ice Warriors (442nd) Valhalla (Penitent, Unique) Line Infantry, Favoured Foe (Orks), Survivalists (Tundra); Poorly Provisioned Flak Greatcoat and Insulated Helmet, Flamer, Mortar Hammer of the Emperor
Vostroyan Firstborn Vostroya (Imperial) Line Infantry, Sharpshooters, Hardened Fighters Carapace Armour, Long-las, Heavy Bolter Only War


Name Homeworld Type Usual Weapons
Royal Savendar Grenadiers Savendar Anti-tank Grenadiers Autoguns, Missile Launchers, Grenades
Ganf Magna Grim Grenadiers (Now Baellish Grim Grenadiers) Ganf Magna (Baell) Grenadiers Grenade Launcher, Grenades, Heavy Mono-Mining Pick, Autocannon, M38-Omega Ogre pattern Lasgun
Ossian Avenging Angels Ossia Drop Troops
Ossian Avenging Armour Ossia Armoured Tanks
Ossian Purifier Technical Corps Ossia Hunter-killer, Meltaguns and Hellhound Tanks
Ossian Wayward Souls Ossia (Homeworld Lost) Psyker heavy unit Psykers and Force Weapons
Mortuusian Artillery Corps Mortuus Siege Infantry
Yggdramish Highlanders Yggdramis Line Infantry
Yggdramish Highland Riders Yggradmis Rough Riders
Vathmor Urban Assault Corps Vathmor (Hive) Guerrilla
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