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Name Description Award Requirements (Game Terms) Benefits Picture
Medusa Star Imperial Munitorum Manual - The Medusa Star was the Imperial Guard's general service medal, which denoted active military service during the Medusa V campaign. It was awarded to all Cadian ranks, though Officers received a gold version. This is the most basic award a Guardsman could be awarded in this campaign and has little intrinsic vaule except to thos soldiers newly transferred to the regiment. Must have been involved in Medusa V campaign. / Not Yet


Name Description Award Requirements (Game Terms) Benefits Picture
Elysian Hot-Drop Wings A brass medal depicting two flaming wings over a circular backpiece. It's ribbon is two white bands with a light blue in the middle, and on the band a small gold circle denotes how many air-drops a character has done into a hot LZ. Character must complete a Grav-chute drop into hostile territory engaging in combat shortly thereafter For each drop the character receives a +2 to his Operate (Aeronautica) or Agility test for operating his Grav-chute. Not Yet
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