Only War Talents And Traits

Tier 1 Talents

Talent Prerequisites Aptitude 1 Aptitude 2 Benefit
Air of Authority Fel 30 Fellowship Leadership Affect more targets with Command.
Ambidextrous Ag 30 Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Use either hand equally well—reduce penalties for using two weapons.
Ambush Stealth Agility Fieldcraft Inflict additional Damage on Unaware targets.
Berserk Charge Strength Offence Gain an extra bonus to hit when charging.
Blind Fighting Per 30 Perception Fieldcraft Suffer half usual penalties for obscured vision.
Calculated Barrage Int 35 Ballistic Skill Knowledge Pin targets with Indirect Fire.
Catfall Ag 30 Agility Fieldcraft Reduce falling damage.
Cold Hearted Willpower Defence Immune to Seduction, resistant to Charm.
Combat Formation Int 40 Leadership Fieldcraft Use intelligence bonus for Initiative.
Combat Sense Per 30 Perception Fieldcraft Use Per bonus instead of Ag bonus for Initiative.
Deadeye Shot BS 30 Ballistic Skill Finesse Reduce penalties for ranged called shots.
Die Hard WP 40 Willpower Defence Improves chances of surviving Blood Loss.
Disarm Ag 30 Weapon Skill Defence Force opponent to drop weapon.
Disturbing Voice Fellowship Social +10 to Intimidate, –10 to Charm.
Double Team General Offence Gain additional +10 for outnumbering opponent.
Drop Trooper Operate (Aeronautica) Agility Tech Bonus to Operate Test for grav-chutes.
Duelist WS 35, Sure Strike Finesse Weapon Skill Bonus to engaging single opponents.
Enemy General Social An organization or group particularly despises the character.
Excellent Cook Trade (Cook) +10 Fieldcraft General Fix a hearty meal to provide squad mates with a bonus to resist Fear and Pinning.
Ferric Summons Ferric Lure Implants, Mechanicus Implants Willpower Tech Can summon larger metallic objects.
Frenzy Strength Offence Enter psychotic rage to gain combat bonuses.
Heightened Senses Perception Fieldcraft Gain +10 bonus to particular sense.
Heroic Inspiration Fel 35, Command Leadership Social Use Inspire Special Use of the Command Skill as a Half Action.
Iron Jaw T 40 Toughness Defence Test Toughness to overcome Stunning.
Jaded WP 40 Willpower Defence Ignore mundane horrors.
Lasgun Volley BS 30, Weapon Training (Las) Ballistic Skill General Inflict extra Damage with Ranged Volley Order when wielding a Las weapon.
Leap Up Ag 30 Agility General Stand as a Free Action.
Light Sleeper Per 30 Perception Fieldcraft Count as awake even when sleeping.
Lightning Reflexes Agility Fieldcraft Roll twice and take the highest for Initiative rolls.
Meditation Willpower Knowledge Character may enter a trance to ignore Fatigue.
Mimic Fellowship Social Character can copy voices.
Modify Payload Tech-Use Intelligence Tech Increase Damage, Blast Quality, and Smoke Quality of explosives.
Orthoproxy Willpower Tech +20 bonus to resist mind control or interrogation.
Peer Fel 30 Fellowship Social Character has good reputation amongst chosen group.
Polyglot Int 40, Fel 30 Intelligence Social Character has innate grasp of languages.
Psychic Power Psyker Willpower Psyker May take one psychic power.
Pugilist S 30 Offence Strength Feint as a Free Action with Unarmed Standard Attack and Called Shot Actions.
Push the Limit Operate (Any One), Technical Knock Agility Tech Bonus to Vehicle Manoeuvre Tests with Structural Integrity loss on a Failed Test.
Quick Draw Agility Finesse Draw weapon as Free Action.
Radiant Presence Fel 40 Fellowship Leadership Character has an inspiring aura.
Rapid Reload Agility Fieldcraft Reduce reload time.
Resistance Toughness Defence Gain +10 bonus to particular resistance Test.
Sound Constitution Toughness General Gain an additional Wound.
Street Fighting WS 30 Weapon Skill Offence Add half WS to Critical Damage.
Sure Strike WS 30 Weapon Skill Finesse Reduce penalties for melee Called Shots.
Swift Suture Medicae Finesse Intelligence End Blood Loss condition when performing First Aid.
Takedown Weapon Skill Offence Make special attack to stun opponent.
Technical Knock Int 30 Intelligence Tech Un-jam gun as Half Action.
Total Recall Int 30 Intelligence Knowledge Character can remember trivial facts and minor details.
Unarmed Warrior WS 35, Ag 35 Strength Offence Improves unarmed attacks.
Unremarkable General Social Character is easily forgettable.
Vigilant Per 35 Offence Perception Use Perception instead of Agility for Overwatch.
Warp Sense Psy Rating, Psyniscience, Per 30 Perception Psyker Allows Psyniscience Test as Free Action.
Weapon-Tech Tech Use +10, Int 40 Intelligence Tech Increase potency of advanced weaponry.
Weapon Training General Finesse Use Weapon Group without penalty.
Wrestler S 30, Athletics Strength General Use Athletics Skill instead of Strength Characteristic while Grappling.

† - Denotes a Specialist Talent

Tier 2 Talents

Talent Prerequisites Aptitude 1 Aptitude 2 Benefit
Ace Operator Operate (Any) +10 Agility Tech Reduce Degrees of Failure on failed Operate Tests by Agility Bonus.
Armour-Monger Int 35, Tech-Use, Trade (Armourer) Intelligence Tech Increase the efficacy of physical armour.
Battle Rage Frenzy Strength Defence Parry while frenzied.
Bulging Biceps S 45 Strength Offence Remove bracing requirement from certain weapons.
Chain Weapon Expertise WS 40 , Weapon Training (Chain) Weapon Skill Offence Add additional Damage die for Tearing with Chain weapons.
Cleanse and Purify WP 35, Weapon Training (Flame) Offence Willpower Increase chance to ignite foes with Flame weapons.
Combat Master WS 30 Weapon Skill Defence Opponents get no bonus for outnumbering the character.
Counter Attack WS 40 Weapon Skill Defence May attack after successful Parry.
Crack Shot BS 50 Ballistic Skill Finesse Add +2 to ranged Crit Damage.
Creative Killer Street Fighting Intelligence Offence Deal improved Damage with Improvised Weapons.
Crippling Strike WS 50 Weapon Skill Finesse Add +2 to melee Crit Damage.
Cybernetic Boost One or More Cybernetic Limbs, Tech-Use Intelligence Tech Gain Unnatural Strength or Agility Traits by overcharging cybernetic limbs or mechadendrites.
Deflect Shot Ag 50 Weapon Skill Defence Add WS Bonus to AP against Primitive ranged attacks.
Exotic Weapon Training Intelligence Finesse Gain proficiency with one exotic weapon.
Foresight Int 30 Intelligence Knowledge Contemplate to gain +10 bonus to next Test.
Furious Assault WS 35 Weapon Skill Offence On a successful WS Test, gain a free second attack.
Guardian Ag 40 Agility Defence Spend a Fate Point to trade places with an ally targeted by an attack.
Hard Target Ag 40 Agility Defence –20 to hit character when he Charges or Runs.
Hardy T 40 Toughness Defence Character always heals as if lightly wounded.
Hatred Weapon Skill Social Gain +10 bonus to attack hated creatures.
Hip Shooting BS 40, Ag 40 Ballistic Skill Finesse Characters may shoot when moving.
Hotshot Pilot Ag 40, Operate (any) Agility Fieldcraft Character can drive or fly anything.
Independent Targeting BS 40 Ballistic Skill Finesse Fire at multiple targets more than 10 metres apart.
Inspire Wrath Air of Authority Fellowship Leadership Inspire crowd to hatred and anger.
Iron Discipline Fel 30 Fellowship Leadership Comrades resist Pinning and Fear.
Killing Strike WS 50 Weapon Skill Offence Spend Fate Point to make melee attacks unavoidable.
Las Weapon Expertise BS 35, Lasgun Volley Ballistic Skill General Impose a penalty on opponents attempting to Dodge attacks with Las weapons.
Luminen Shock Luminen Capacitors, Mechanicus Implants Weapon Skill Tech Character can discharge energy in melee attack.
Maglev Transcendence Maglev Coils/Mechanicus Implants Intelligence Tech Character can hover for longer periods of time.
Marksman BS 35 Ballistic Skill Finesse No penalties for firing at long or extreme range.
Mechadendrite Use Mechanicus Implants Intelligence Tech Gain ability to use certain Mechadendrites.
Melta Weapon Expertise BS 40, Weapon Training (Melta) Ballistic Skill Offence Increase the Range of Melta weapons by a number of metres equal to Ballistic Skill Bonus.
Methodical Care Int 40, Swift Suture Intelligence Knowledge
Munitorum Influence Fellowship Social +5 Bonus to Squad Logistics Rating.
Nerves of Steel Willpower Defence Reroll Pinning Tests.
Paranoia Perception Fieldcraft Character is always alert for danger.
Persuasive Charm Fel 35, Charm Fellowship Social Use Charm Skill to gain a bonus to Logistics Tests.
Plasma Weapon Expertise BS 40, Weapon Training (Plasma) Ballistic Skill Tech Reduce the chance of the Overheats Quality triggering when wielding a Plasma weapon.
Precise Blow WS 40, Sure Strike Weapon Skill Finesse Reduce penalty for melee called shots.
Prosanguine Autosanguine Implant, Mechanicus Implants Toughness Tech Test to heal 1d5 Damage.
Rapid Reaction Ag 40 Agility Fieldcraft Test Ag to ignore surprise.
Rite of Static Overload One or More Cybernetic Limbs, Tech-Use +10 Intelligence Tech Gain Shocking Quality on melee attacks with a Cybernetic limb or mechadendrite.
Sharpshooter BS 40, Deadeye Shot Ballistic Skill Finesse Decrease penalty for ranged called shots.
Skilled Rider Survival +10 Agility Fieldcraft Avoid being thrown from mounts and Mount/Dismount as a Half Action.
Solid Projectile Weapon Expertise BS 35, Weapon Training (Solid Projectile) Ballistic Skill Finesse Reload as a Free Action after successfully clearing a Jammed Solid Projectile weapon.
Stealth Sniper Stealth +10 Ballistic Skill Fieldcraft Chance to remain hidden after making a ranged attack.
Strong Minded WP 30, Resistance (Psychic Powers) Willpower Defence May reroll failed WP Tests to resist Psychic Powers.
Storm of Iron BS 45, Weapon Training (any one ranged) Ballistic Skill Offence Allocate extra full-auto and semi-auto hits to additional targets within five metres.
Swift Attack WS 30 Weapon Skill Finesse May make multiple melee attacks.
Tank Hunter BS 40 Ballistic Skill Finesse Add BS Bonus to weapon Penetration against vehicles.
Tireless T 40, WP 35 Toughness Willpower Ignore Fatigue penalty
Two-Weapon Wielder Weapon Skill/Ballistic Skill Finesse May fight with two weapons.
Unarmed Master WS 45, Ag 40, Unarmed Warrior Strength Offence Deadly fighter while unarmed.
Unshakeable Faith WP 35 Willpower Defence May reroll failed Fear Tests.
Unstoppable Charge WS 40, Survival +10 Fieldcraft Weapon Skill Improve Charge Action and Crushing Charge Mounted Special Action.
Warp Conduit Psy Rating, Strong Minded, WP 50 Willpower Psyker Spend Fate Point to get +1d5 to Psy Rating.
Whirlwind of Death WS 40 Weapon Skill Finesse Make one attack for each melee opponent.

† - Denotes a Specialist Talent

Tier 3 Talents

Talent Prerequisites Aptitude 1 Aptitude 2 Benefit
Abiding Resilience Toughness 40 Toughness Defence Regain additional Wounds and Fatigue when spending a Fate Point.
Arms Master WS 40, BS 40, Weapon Training (any two) Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Less penalty for using weapons untrained.
Assassin Strike Ag 40, Acrobatics Weapon Skill Fieldcraft After making melee attack, test Acrobatics to move.
Bastion of Iron Will Psy Rating, Strong Minded, WP 40 Willpower Psyker Gain bonus to Opposed Tests when defending against psychic powers.
Blademaster WS 30, Weapon Training (any melee) Weapon Skill Finesse Reroll missed attack, once per Round.
Blade Dancer WS 40, Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee) Weapon Skill Finesse Reduced penalties for fighting with two melee weapons.
Bombardier BS 40, Weapon Training (Launcher), Tech-Use Offence Tech Bonus to attack with launchers and explosives, improved scatter.
Crushing Blow WS 40 Weapon Skill Offence Add half WS Bonus to Damage inflicted in melee.
Cybernetic Calibrations Two or more Cybernetics, Tech-Use +10, Cybernetic Boost Intelligence Tech Improves Craftsmanship of all implanted cybernetics.
Death Serves the Righteous BS 50, Deadeye Shot, Sharpshooter Ballistic Skill Offence Spend Fate Point to change Damage die result of 1 to 10 once per combat.
Don’t You Die On Me! Master Chirurgeon, Methodical Care Intelligence Knowledge Resuscitate allies who have recently died from Blood Loss or failed Toughness Tests.
Eye of Vengeance BS 50 Ballistic Skill Offence Adds Damage and Pen to ranged attack.
Favoured by the Warp WP 35 Willpower Psyker Roll twice for Psychic Phenomena and choose.
Fearless Nerves of Steel Willpower Defence Immune to Fear and Pinning.
Feat of Strength S 45, Bulging Biceps Offence Strength Temporarily gain or increase Unnatural Strength Trait.
Final Judgement Fel 45, Air of Authority, Deadeye Shot Ballistic Skill Leadership Motivate allies with Command Skill after messily executing an enemy.
Gunslinger BS 40, Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic) Ballistic Skill Finesse Reduce penalties for fighting with two pistols.
Hammer Blow Crushing Blow Strength Offence Make a thunderous strike with a melee weapon.
Infused Knowledge Int 40, Lore (any one) Intelligence Knowledge Know a little bit about everything.
Into the Jaws of Hell Iron Discipline, Fel 50 Fellowship Leadership Comrades ignore Fear and Pinning.
Las Weapon Mastery BS 45, Las Weapon Expertise Ballistic Skill General Deal increased Damage with Las weapons based on Degrees of Success.
Lasgun Barrage Weapon Training (Las), BS 40 Ballistic Skill Offence Additional DoS when firing Las weapons.
Lightning Attack Swift Attack Weapon Skill Finesse Character may make many melee attacks with single roll.
Lock On Per 40, Vigilant Offence Perception Dodge while maintaining an Aim or Overwatch Action.
Luminen Blast Luminen Shock, Luminen Capacitors, Mechanicus Implants Ballistic Skill Tech May discharge stored energy as a ranged attack.
Master Chirurgeon Medicae +10 Intelligence Fieldcraft Perform advanced medical procedures.
Master Enginseer Tech-Use +20, Mechanicus Implants Intelligence Tech Gain +10 to Tech-Use Tests, and spend Fate Points to automatically succeed on Tech-Use Tests.
Master Orator Inspire Wrath Fellowship Leadership Affect larger groups with Charm and Intimidate.
Mastery Rank 4 in Selected Skill Intelligence Knowledge May spend Fate Point to succeed on Test.
Melta Weapon Mastery BS 50, Melta Weapon Expertise Ballistic Skill Offence Increase Penetration of Melta Weapons based on Degrees of Success.
Mental Maze Int 35, Strong Minded Defence Intelligence Spend a Fate Point to add Intelligence Bonus to Degrees of Success on Opposed Willpower Tests.
Mighty Shot BS 40 Ballistic Skill Offence Add half BS Bonus to ranged Damage rolls.
Never Die WP 50, T 50 Toughness Defence Ignore penalties from Critical Damage by spending Fate Point.
Overkill Per 40, Bulging Biceps Perception Offence Once per combat encounter, Aim as a Free Action with a chosen ranged weapon type.
Plasma Weapon Mastery BS 50, Plasma Weapon Expertise Ballistic Skill Tech Increase Damage and Penetration when firing Plasma weapons on Maximal setting.
Preternatural Speed WS 40, Ag 50 Agility Offence Double speed when charging.
Ranged Weapon Expert BS 50, Weapon Training (Chosen Group) Ballistic Skill Finesse Once per combat, Aim as a Free Action and roll twice for Damage with a chosen ranged weapon type.
Righteous Blow BS 45 or WS 45 or WP 45 Offence Willpower Roll twice for Righteous Fury and choose result.
Sacred Flame WP 40, Cleanse and Purify Offence Willpower Inflict Righteous Fury on a 9 or 10 with Flame Weapons.
Sidearm WS 40, BS 40, Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic, Melee) Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Reduce penalties for fighting with pistol and melee weapon.
Solid Projectile Weapon Mastery BS 45, Solid Projectile Weapon Expertise Ballistic Skill Finesse Solid Projectile Weapons gain Proven (X) Quality equal to half of Ballistic Skill Bonus.
Sprint Agility Fieldcraft Move more quickly in combat.
Step Aside Agility 40, Dodge or Parry Agility Defence May make additional Dodge or Parry attempt.
Stirring Rhetoric Fel 45, Heroic Inspiration Fellowship Social Once per session, spend a Fate Point to improve the Inspire Special Use of the Command Skill.
Target Selection BS 50 Ballistic Skill Finesse May shoot into melee without penalty.
The Flesh is Weak Two or more Cybernetics, Tech-Use +10 Tech Toughness Gain Machine Trait equal to half the number of Cybernetic implants.
Thunder Charge S 50 Strength Offence Break enemies with armoured charge.
True Grit T 40 Toughness Defence Reduce Critical Damage taken.
Trademark Item Fel 40, Command +10 Fellowship Social Item grants bonus to Interaction Tests and allows extra Sweeping Order.
Versatile Shooter Sharpshooter, Target Selection Ballistic Skill Finesse Gain the full benefit of the Accurate Quality on Pistol, Heavy, and Vehicle Weapons.
Veteran Comrade Character Speciality with at least one Comrade General Leadership One Comrade grants extra bonuses and can participate in Veteran Orders.
Warp Lock Psy Rating, Strong Minded, WP 50 Willpower Psyker Ignore Psychic Phenomenon once per session.

† - Denotes a Specialist Talent


Trait Description
Amorphous Creature is a blob, and slow.
Amphibious Creature can breathe underwater.
Auto-stabilised Always counts as braced.
Bestial Automatically passes Survival Skill Tests, test Willpower to avoid flight.
Blind Cannot see.
Brutal Charge Deals additional Damage on a Charge.
Burrower Move by digging.
Crawler No penalties for moving over difficult terrain.
Daemonic Double TB against normal weapons, immune to disease and poison.
Dark-sight See in darkness.
Deadly Natural Weapons Natural weapons are no longer primitive.
fear Forces others to make Fear Tests to avoid Shock and Madness.
Flyer Fly and enter any altitude.
From Beyond Immune to Fear, Pinning, Insanity Points, and mind-affecting powers.
Hoverer Fly and enter the hover altitude.
Incorporeal Insubstantial and weightless, cannot be affected by mundane weaponry.
Machine Creature gains immunities and resistances.
Mechanicus Implants Character has mechanical augmentaions.
Multiple Arms Creature gains extra attacks.
Natural Armour Gain additional Armour Points to all locations.
Natural Weapons Unarmed attacks deal 1d10+SB damage.
Phase Switch between incorporeal and corporeal as a Half Action.
Possession Take control of another creature.
Psyker Creature has a Psy Rating of 1 or more.
Quadruped Movement equals AB×2.
Regeneration Test Toughness to remove 1 or more Damage.
Size Determines creature size and benefits.
Sonar Sense Perceive surroundings flawlessly within 30 metres.
Soul-bound Bound to a particular group or creatures in exchange for certain benefits.
Stampede Failed Willpower Test causes creature to flee, trampling anything in its path.
Stuff of Nightmares Gain appalling list of immunities.
Sturdy +20 bonus to resist grapple and Takedown.
Touched by the Fates Has Fate Points.
Toxic Gain poisonous attack.
Undying The creature is immune to many environmental and natural dangers.
Unnatural Characteristic Increases one Characteristic Bonus.
Unnatural Senses Perceive surroundings by uncanny means.
Warp Instability Creature must deal damage if damaged, or be cast back into the Warp.
Warp Weapons Creature’s attacks ignore armour.

Specialist Comrade Talents/Advances

Heavy Gunner

Type: Passive
Cost: 250 xp
Effect: As long as his Comrade is in Cohesion, the Heavy Gunner may use his Comrade’s Actions to reload his currently
equipped weapon. These may be used in combination with the Heavy Gunner’s Actions. For example, to reload a gun
that requires a Full Action to reload, the Heavy Gunner spends a Half Action Reload, and his Comrade performs a Half
Action Reload, reloading the gun and leaving them both with a Half Action remaining.
Type: Order (Full Action)
Cost: 300 xp
Effect: The Heavy Gunner’s Comrade helps brace the weapon for firing, keeping the recoil from throwing off the
Heavy Gunner’s aim. Any Semi-Auto Burst or Full-Auto Burst Actions used by the Heavy Gunner this Turn are made
with a +10 modifier to the Ballistic Skill Test instead of the modifier normally bestowed by the Action. This Order
can only be issued to the Comrade if he is in Cohesion with the Player Character.


Type: Passive
Cost: 250 xp
Effect: The Comrade assists the Medic in treating his patients, quickly responding to any situation that arises. For
Extended Care Medicae Tests, the Medic’s Comrade counts as an assistant trained in Medicae. Additionally, the Medic’s
Medicae Test suffers no penalty for additional patients.
Type: Order (Half Action)
Cost: 300 xp
Effect: The Comrade acts as a natural extension of the Medic on the battlefield. The Medic relays him complex medical
instructions, and the Comrade obeys with precision. As long as his Comrade is within range of communication, the
Medic may perform Medicae Tests on any character next to the Comrade at a –10 penalty.

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