Fear (X) (Trait)

A creature with this Trait has an unnerving appearance. The Fear Trait always has an associated rating (1–4) to reflect just how awful the creature is to behold and is indicated by the number in parentheses (X). The higher the Fear Rating, the harder it is for others to resist going insane from the encounter, as shown on Table 5–5: Fear Rating. When a character encounters a creature with this Trait, they must make a Willpower Test, modified by the severity of the creature’s Trait.
On a success, the character may act as normal.
On a failure, the character must roll on Table 9–5: shock (see page 304), adding +10 to the roll for every Degree of Failure by which the Willpower Test was failed.

Table 5–5: Fear Rating
Fear Rating Penalty
Disturbing (1) 0
Frightening (2) –10
Horrifying (3) –20
Terrifying (4) –30
SHOCK - Roll d100 and add 10 for every Degree of Failure.
Roll Result
1-20 The character is badly startled. He may only take a single Half Action during his next Turn, but afterward he may act normally.
21-40 Fear grips the character and he begins to shake and tremble. He suffers a –10 penalty on all Tests for the rest of the encounter unless he can recover his wits (see Shock and Snapping Out of It, page 305).
41-60 Reeling with shock, the character backs away from the source of his Fear. The character cannot willingly approach the object of his Fear, but may otherwise act normally, with a –10 penalty on all Tests until the end of the encounter.
61-80 The character is frozen by terror. He may take no Actions until he Snaps Out of It (see Shock and Snapping Out of It, page 305). After snapping out of it, the character makes all Tests with a 10 penalty for the rest of the encounter.
81-100 Panic grips the character. He must flee the source of his fear, if able, as fast as he can, and if prevented from doing so, may only take Half Actions and is at a –20 penalty to all Tests. Once away from the danger, he must successfully Snap Out of It (see Shock and Snapping Out of It, page 305) to regain control.
101-120 Fainting dead away, the character keels over and remains unconscious for 1d5 Rounds. Once he regains consciousness, he is still shaken and takes all Tests with a –10 penalty until the end of the encounter.
121-130 Totally overcome, the character screams and vomits uncontrollably for 1d5 Rounds. During this time he may do nothing, and drops anything he is holding. Afterward, until the end of the encounter, the character may only take a single Half Action each Turn until he has a chance to rest.
131-140 The character laughs hysterically and randomly attacks anything near him in a manic frenzy, firing wildly or attacking with whatever he has at hand. This effect lasts until the character Snaps Out of It (see Shock and Snapping Out of It, page 305), or until he is knocked unconscious.
141-160 The character crumples to the ground for 1d5+1 Rounds and begins sobbing, babbling, and tearing at his own flesh, and may do nothing else. Even after he returns to his senses, he is a complete mess, and suffers a –20 penalty on all Tests until the end of the encounter.
161-170 The character’s mind snaps. He becomes catatonic for 1d5 hours and may not be roused.
171+ The character is so overcome with terror that his heart immediately stops. He must make a Challenging (+0) Toughness Test or die. If the Test is successful the character still falls catatonic for 1d5 hours as above.
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