Optical Mechadendrite (Cybernetic)

This highly flexible mechadendrite, set with pict-capture and sensor devices, is designed to assist in inspection and detection. This mechadendrite extends to a length of 3 metres and can reduce its width to pencil thickness. It grants a +10 bonus to all Perception-based Tests. The pict-devices mounted on the mechadendrite allow the user to examine surfaces at a microscopic level or may be used as telescopic sight. This mechadendrite is also mounted with an infrared torch and sensors. A character using this mechadendrite suffers no penalties due to darkness and gains a +20 bonus to Vision-based Perception Tests at night. Finally, the mechadendrite is fitted with a light that may be tinted a variety of different colours depending on the controller’s whim.
This mechadendrite may be shoulder or sternum-mounted. A character must have the appropriate Mechadendrite Use Talent to operate this implant.

Availability: Very Rare†
† Some cybernetic systems are only provided to tech-adepts of the Adeptus Mechanicus, though it is possible that skilled hereteks might risk the Machine Cult’s wrath by implanting crude versions of these systems in anyone willing to pay their price.

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