Orbital Deployment

Some vehicles possess the ability to be deployed from orbit, allowing for rapid movements of troops and other vital materiel. The most famous of this type of vehicle is the Drop Pod used by the Adeptus Astartes, but there are a number of other vehicle types that are capable of orbital insertion, including Ork Roks, which are little more than hollowed out asteroids hurled at a planet in vast numbers in the hope that some will survive the impact!
A vehicle with the Orbital Deployment Vehicle Trait can choose a location on the battlefield to land rather than moving to that location like other vehicles. After choosing a location, the vehicle scatters 2d10 metres in a random direction. All shooting at a vehicle undergoing an Orbital Deployment suffers a –30 to hit whilst it is in flight. If the vehicle is capable of moving after that, it may do so during the next Round. Any weapons the vehicle possesses and any passengers that were transported by the vehicle must wait a full Round before they fire or disembark.

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