Ork Warbike

Single-rider, two-wheeled creations, Ork Warbikes are capable of incredible speeds and feats of manoeuvrability. Never the sorts to pass up the opportunity to add weapons of war to their creations, most Orks mount massive dakkaguns somewhere on their bikes, that they might mow down their foes while tearing around the battlefield at break-neck speeds. As Ork engines tend to be dirty, smoky things, a mob of Ork Warbikes is often accompanied by a massive cloud of thick, greasy smoke, obscuring vision and burning the lungs with acrid, sulphurous fumes. Orks themselves appear to be untroubled by this smog and use its debilitating effects to their advantage.

Type: Wheeled Vehicle. Tactical Speed: 18m
Cruising Speed: 75kph Manoeuvrability: +10
Structural Integrity: 15 Size: Hulking
Armour: Front 18, Side 18, Rear 14
Vehicle Traits: Bike, Open-Topped, Ramshackle, Wheeled.
Crew: 1 Rider.
Carry Capacity: None.

Weapons: Fixed dakkagun (Front Facing; 75m; –/3/5; 2d10+4 I; Pen 4; Clip 80; Reload 2 Full; Inaccurate, Unreliable).

Special Rules: Ork Warbikes spew thick clouds of acrid black smoke which obscure the bikers and choke those caught in the cloud. Melee and Ranged Attacks made against an Ork Warbike or its rider are Hard (–10) Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill Tests, respectively.

Source: Only War

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