6th Ossian Avengers - 9er Tac

Unit Type: HQ; Company Command Squad
Cost: 121 Pts

Paint Scheme: All painted as 6th Ossian Avengers

HQ Squad Options

Carapace Armour For Squad


Company Commander - Commander Gabriel Drakken - Bolt Pistol, Carapace Armour, Close Combat Weapon, ORDERS - (Not Modelled)
Master of Ordnance - Major Alexander Petersson - Flak Armour, Close Combat Weapon, Artillery Bombardment - (Not Modelled)
Veteran Signaller - Cpl Joseph Cole - Carapace Armour, Lasgun, Frag Grenades, Vox-caster - (Not Modelled)
Veteran Lascannon Team - Cpl Gunnar Jung and Cpl Lukas Lars - Lascannon, 2x Soldiers with Carapace Armour, 2x Frag Grenades, Lasgun sidearms - (Not Modelled)
Veteran Flame Trooper - Cpl Volkwin Freihart - Carapace Armour, Heavy Flamer, Frag Grenades - (Not Modelled)


Gabriel Drakken's personal squad. He's taken to the field a few times, but has only really engaged with his squad directly during training exercises against the Salamanders. At one point an entire platoon broke around the attacking Salamanders, running in fear from their warlord, which Drakken calmly, though annoyed, shot in the face with his lascannon team. In a recent training exercise his MoO Major Petersson was slightly hurt by a damaged dreadnaught and drop pod exploding nearby.

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