Persuasive Charm (Talent)

Tier: 2
Prerequisite: Fellowship 35, Charm
Aptitudes: Fellowship, Social
Those individuals tasked with distributing supplies amongst the regiments of the Imperial Guard are notoriously taciturn when faced with requests for additional equipment, harried as they are by countless requests from countless soldiers, many of which are simply not within their power to fulfil. This character, however, is a master at convincing such individuals to help his case, and he can sometimes convince even the most foul-tempered bureaucrats to work a miracle for his squad.
Once per game session, before the Squad makes a Logistics Test, this character can make a Difficult (–10) Charm Test in an attempt to convince the regimental quartermaster or other distributor of supplies to assist the Squad. If he succeeds, the Squad gains a +5 bonus on the Logistics Test for every Degree of Success this character scores on the Charm Test, to a maximum of +30. At the Game Master’s discretion, the Charm Test might be harder, especially if the Squad has earned the ire of this particular representative in the past.

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