Phase (Trait)

A creature with this Trait can transform its body into an insubstantial state, passing ghost-like through solid objects or barriers of any sort. By spending a Half Action, the creature may become insubstantial or change back from insubstantial to solidity. While insubstantial, the creature gains a +30 bonus to Stealth Tests to remain visibly concealed and makes no sound whatsoever. While insubstantial, the creature is also immune to normal weapons—they simply pass through its body as if it wasn’t there. Daemons, psychic powers, warp creatures, other insubstantial creatures, and opponents armed with Force Weapons may all injure an insubstantial creature normally. An insubstantial creature can’t normally affect the mortal world, and thus, can’t damage non-insubstantial opponents unless noted otherwise.
An insubstantial creature cannot cross psychically charged barriers, holy wards, or energy fields designed to flux space or manipulate the warp, such as a Gellar Field or a Void Shield.

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