Plasma Pistol

Few pistols are deadlier than the plasma pistol, and those willing to take the risk of using one possess a weapon capable of taking down almost any foe at close range.
Plasma pistols are a favourite weapon of Imperial officers, who view it as a status symbol to be entrusted with such a valuable and venerated weapon. The pistol variant can only hold smaller hydrogen flasks (or sometimes only a single flask) and thus can only fire a handful of shots. They are dangerous to use on board a vessel, as a single shot can penetrate several bulkheads.

Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Wt. Availability
Plasma Pistol Pistol 30m S/2/– 1d10+6 E 6 10 3 Full Maximal, Overheats 4kg Very Rare
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