Plasma Weapon Expertise (Talent)

Tier: 2
Prerequisite: Ballistic Skill 40, Weapon Training (Plasma)
Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Tech
Plasma guns are incredibly lethal weapons, but are also somewhat notorious for getting their wielders killed. Though it is a great honour to be assigned to use a plasma gun, it is a somewhat dubious one, as the user risks the weapon overheating and burning him each time he opens fire with it. Though the user can frequently drop his weapon to avoid the fiery exhaust it sometimes expels, doing so leaves him disarmed, which can be far more dangerous than even plasma burns on the field of battle. Those soldiers experienced with such weapons learn various techniques to avoid being harmed by their arms without discarding them and thus risking the wrath of their foes and their Commissars alike.
Whenever this character wields a plasma weapon (such as a plasma pistol, plasma gun, or plasma cannon) with the Overheats Quality, that weapon only Overheats on a roll of 96 or higher or on a Jam.

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