Possession (Trait)

Certain spirit-beings and denizens of the warp have the ability to possess mortal bodies. This is a far more insidious and damaging process than most forms of mental control, or even the power of the strongest psykers to “wear” the bodies of others, as the very fabric of the assaulting warp being is merged with the victim’s living body on a fundamental level, so as to allow it to remain in our reality. The mechanisms by which these possessions occur in the game are detailed below, although circumstance and the nature of the entity itself may vary. Note that Daemonhosts, being extraordinarily powerful examples of deliberate, ritualistic possessions, designed to bind and control daemons in living vessels, are a special case and dealt with separately.

The Possession Attack
The entity must be within a few metres of its intended victim and use a Full Action. The creature and target make Opposed Willpower Tests each Round until either the entity or the victim achieve a total of five Degrees of Success over the other—this is cumulative over several Rounds. If the entity wins, it successfully possesses its victim. If the victim wins, he has repelled the entity, who may not attempt to possess him again for 24 hours. A repelled entity also takes 1d10 points of Energy Damage which is not reduced by Armour or Toughness.

The Effects of Possession
A possessing entity takes control utterly, binding itself to its victim, and is capable of commanding the body to function regardless of pain and injury (and indeed might delight in damaging or altering it to suit its whims). The victim increases it's Strength and Toughness Characteristics by 10 and gains 1d10+3 Wounds. The victim uses the possessing entity’s Intelligence, Perception, Willpower, and Fellowship, and uses the entity’s Psy Rating and powers in place of its own (if any). Likewise, the victim uses any mind-related Skills and Talents of the entity and loses its own.
The entity may also attempt to recall memories and skills from its victim with a successful Intelligence Test. In the case of possession by a daemon, the victim has a good chance of becoming immediately mutated, and likely becomes further mutated the longer the possession continues (see Chapter IX: The Game Master for more details on mutation).

Surviving Possession
Should the victim survive and the entity is cast out by exorcism or some other means, then the ordeal deals 2d10 points of permanent Damage to the character’s Toughness and Willpower Characteristics. In addition, the victim gains 1d10 Insanity and Corruption Points.

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