Power Fist

Rather than encasing an edged weapon with a power field, a power fist uses the energy to disrupt material in a more violent fashion. Worn as a huge glove, when the mechanically augmented fist strikes its target it can tear open even the heaviest armour and burst flesh into a shower of blood and tissue. Unless worn as part of power armour, it normally requires heavy backpack-mounted power sources connected to the fist via heavy cables. Some variants are designed to maximise rending and crushing power, while others are better suited to exert a maximum of force when punching. A suitably braced user can knock through the strongest bulkheads or rend even reinforced armour. Most are ancient relics, with the mantle inscribed with family heraldry or iconography indicating impressive victories. This a one-handed melee weapon.

Name Class Range Dam Pen Special Wt. Availability
Power Fist Melee 2d10† E 9 Power Field, Unwieldy 13kg Very Rare
† Power Fists add the user’s SB×2 to the Damage.
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