Power Maul

Power Mauls are solid truncheon-like rods with a discharge cap at one end, and a hand grip at the other. Controls along the haft allow the user to adjust the energy field’s strength from a mild stunning blast to a heavy force suitable for breaking down reinforced doors. They are popular with the Adeptus Arbites, as well as Inquisitorial agents, as they can be used in a non-lethal capacity when desired. This weapon has two entries in the weapons table, representing its two power settings: high and low. Switching the Power Maul between its two settings is a Free Action. This a one-handed melee weapon. However, when used with two hands, it gains the Concussive (0) Quality.

Power Weapons
Name Class Range Dam Pen Special Wt. Availability
Power Maul (High) Melee 1d10+5 E 4 Power Field, Shocking 3.5kg Very Rare
Power Maul (Low) Melee 1d10 +1 E 2 Shocking 3.5kg Very Rare
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