Power Weapons

Power weapons project a disruptive energy field along the blade or head of a weapon, allowing it to slice armour or strike with explosive impact. Many of these weapons use subtle mechanisms and can appear normal until activated, whereupon crackling lightning runs across the blade. A power weapon can still be used as an ordinary weapon should its power source run dry or become damaged. To use the various classes of Power weapons, a character must have the Weapon Training (Power) Talent.

Name Class Range Dam Pen Special Wt. Availability
Power Fist Melee 2d10† E 9 Power Field, Unwieldy 13kg Very Rare
Power Sword Melee 1d10+5 E 5 Power Field, Balanced 3kg Very Rare
Power Axe Melee 1d10+7 E 7 Power Field, Unbalanced 6kg Very Rare
Power Maul (High) Melee 1d10+5 E 4 Power Field, Shocking 3.5kg Very Rare
Power Maul (Low) Melee 1d10 +1 E 2 Shocking 3.5kg Very Rare
Omnissian Axe Melee 1d10 +4 E 6 Power Field, Unbalanced 8kg Extremely Rare
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