Psy Rating

Cost: 200 xp x PR†
The character is a psyker. In game terms, his power is rated on a scale of 1 to 10, where Psy Rating 1 is the lowest necessary to tap into the Warp, and a Rating of 10 represents one of the most powerful beings in existence. See Chapter VII: Psychic Powers for detailed rules on the game mechanics of this ability. Increasing a character’s Psy Rating represents that character unlocking more of his psychic potential, and becoming more and more powerful. A character may take this Advance multiple times. Each time this Advance is taken, the character’s Psy Rating increases by 1, to a maximum of 10. An increase in Psy Rating in ONLY WAR does not give additional Psychic Powers.
†The farther along a Psyker progresses, the harder it becomes for him to strain his limits and grow in power. Each time the Psyker purchases the Psy Rating advance, the xp cost is equal to 200xp multiplied by the Psy Rating he is advancing to. So, if a Sanctioned Psyker with a Psy Rating of 2 wishes to purchase the Psy Rating Advance and increase his Psy Rating to 3, he must pay 3 x 200xp, a total of 600 Experience Points.

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