Psychic Phenomena

When a psyker reaches deeper into the Warp to power his abilities, there is always the chance of the Empyrean bleeding into reality, a factor which is at the very least disturbing and disconcerting, and which may be destructive or disruptive to the very fabric of reality. Sometimes this manifestation of the Warp is unique to the Psyker, but in general it is as unpredictable as the Warp itself. Some effects can include a dramatic drop in temperature, ghostly voices, feelings of unease, or nearby vegetation shrivelling and dying. In rare instances, full-scale Warp breaches can occur with the direst of consequences.
When a psyker uses his power at the Unfettered level or Push level, he risks generating such a disturbance in the Warp. Any Unfettered Focus Power Test that results in a double on the dice, or any power used at the Push level, means that the psyker must roll on the Psychic Phenomena table. Particularly high rolls on this table can result in the psyker having to roll on the Perils of the Warp table.
A few powers, as noted in their descriptions, cause other effects upon the material world when they manifest.

Roll Effect
01-03 Dark Foreboding: A faint breeze blows past the psyker and those near him, and everyone gets the feeling that somewhere in the galaxy something unfortunate just happened.
04-05 Warp Echo: For a few moments, all noises cause echoes, regardless of the surroundings.
06-08 Unholy Stench: The air around the psyker becomes permeated with a bizarre and foul smell.
09-11 Mind Warp: The psyker suffers a –5 penalty to Willpower Tests until the start of his next turn as his own inherent phobias, suspicions, and hatreds surge to the surface of his mind in a wave of unbound emotion.
12-14 Hoarfrost: The temperature plummets for an instant, and a thin coating of frost forms to cover everything within 3d10 metres.
15-17 Aura of Taint: All animals within 1d100 metres become spooked and agitated; characters with Psyniscience can pinpoint the psyker as the cause.
18-20 Memory Worm: All people within line of sight of the psyker forget something trivial.
21-23 Spoilage: Food and drink go bad in a 5d10 metre radius.
24-26 Haunting Breeze: Winds whip up around the psyker for a few moments, blowing light objects around and guttering fires within 3d10 metres.
27-29 Veil of Darkness: For a brief moment (effectively the remainder of the Round), the area within 3d10 metres is plunged into immediate darkness.
30-32 Distorted Reflections: Mirrors and other reflflective surfaces within a radius of 5d10 metres distort or shatter.
33-35 Breath Leech: Everyone (including the psyker) within a 3d10 metre radius becomes short of breath for one round and cannot make any Run or Charge Actions.
36-38 Daemonic Mask: For a fleeting moment, the psyker takes on a daemonic appearance and gains a Fear rating of 1 until the start of the next turn. However, he also gains one Corruption Point.
39-41 Unnatural Decay: All plant life within 3d10 metres of the psyker withers and dies.
42-44 Spectral Gale: Howling winds erupt around the psyker, requiring him and everyone within 4d10 metres to make an Easy (+30) Agility or Strength Test to avoid being knocked to the ground.
45-47 Bloody Tears: Blood weeps from stone and wood within 3d10 metres of the psyker. If there are any pictures or statues of people inside this area, they appear to be crying blood.
48-50 The Earth Protests: The ground suddenly shakes, and everyone (including the psyker) within a 5d10 metre radius must make a Routine (+10) Agility Test or be knocked down.
51-53 Actinic Discharge: Static electricity fifills the air within 5d10 metres causing hair to stand on end and unprotected electronics to short out, while the psyker is wreathed in eldritch lightning.
54-56 Warp Ghosts: Ghostly apparitions fifill the air within 3d10 metres around the psyker, flflying about and howling in pain for a few brief moments. Everyone in the radius (except the psyker himself ) must test against a Fear rating of 1.
57-59 Falling Upwards: Everything within 2d10 metres of the psyker (including the psyker himself ) rises 1d10 metres into the air as gravity brieflfly ceases. Almost immediately, everything crashes back to earth, suffering falling Damage as appropriate for the distances fallen.
60-62 Banshee Howl: A shrill keening rings out across the immediate area, shattering glass and forcing every mortal creature able to hear it (including the psyker) to pass a Challenging (+0) Toughness Test or be deafened for 1d10 rounds.
63-65 The Furies: The Psyker is assailed by unseen horrors. He is slammed to the ground and suffers 1d5 Damage (ignoring Armour, but not Toughness Bonus) and he must test against Fear (2).
66-68 Shadow of the Warp: For a split second, the world changes in appearance, and everyone within 1d100 metres has brief but horrifific glimpse of the shadow of the Warp. Everyone in the area (including the psyker) must make a Difficult (–10) Willpower Test or gain 1d5 Corruption Points.
69-71 Tech Scorn: The machine spirits reject your unnatural ways. All un-warded technology within 5d10 metres malfunctions momentarily, and all ranged weapons Jam (see page 255), whilst characters with cybernetic implants must pass a Routine (+10) Toughness Test or suffer 1d5 Damage, ignoring Toughness Bonus and Armour.
72-74 Warp Madness: A violent ripple of tainted discord causes all creatures within 2d10 metres (with the exception of the psyker) to become Frenzied for a Round and suffer 1d5 Corruption Points unless they can pass a Difficult (–10) Willpower Test.
75+ Perils of the Warp: The Warp opens in a maelstrom of energy. Roll on Table 7–3: Perils of the Warp instead.
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