Ranged Weapon Expert (Talent)

Tier: 3
Specialisations: Bolt, Flame, Heavy, Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, Low Tech, and Solid Projectile
Prerequisite: Ballistic Skill 50, Weapon Training (Chosen Group)
Aptitudes: Finesse, Ballistic Skill
Though capable with a variety of ranged weapons, the character has honed his training to become particularly lethal with a certain, specific kind of arm. His experience with this weapon is so expansive that he treats it less as a separate object and more as a part of his own body. As such, he can be extremely accurate with it, taking careful aim even under the worst stresses that the battlefield can throw at him.
Once per combat encounter, this character may take an Aim Action as a Free Action before making an attack with a weapon of the chosen group.
A character must possess the corresponding Weapon Training in order to select this Talent. A character can select this Talent more than once, each time with a different specialisation.

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