Righteous Blow (Talent)

Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Ballistic Skill 45 or Weapon Skill 45 or Willpower 45
Aptitudes: Offence, Willpower
The character is an instrument of divine wrath, bringing the Emperor’s judgment to the enemies of Mankind. He strikes without hesitation, crushing his foes utterly in the name of the God-Emperor. In battle, doubt has no place in his mind and mercy holds no sway over his heart, for those who have fallen from the light of the God-Emperor find redemption only in annihilation.
When the character inflicts Righteous Fury with an attack or Psychic Power for which he achieved three or more Degrees of Success on the attack roll or Focus Power Test, he rolls twice to determine the amount of Critical Damage he inflicts with Righteous Fury and takes the higher result.

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