Ripper Gun

Designed to accommodate the primitive nature and vast strength of an Ogryn, the ripper gun is a massive combat shotgun. The substantial drum feed mechanism of these fully automatic shotguns is designed to provide enough ammunition to entertain the Ogryns as they charge towards their foes. Its firing mechanism is limited so that the user may not fire off the entire clip in a single burst—something that Ogryns are otherwise prone to due. Ripper guns are also designed to function effectively as Ogryn melee weapons. In close combat, a ripper gun counts as a warhammer.

Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Wt. Availability
Ripper Gun Heavy 30m S/–/6 1d10+8 I 0 48 2 Full Ogryn-Proof, Scatter 35kg Common

Mounted on a longer pole grip than a regular hammer, warhammers generally have a thinner striking head with a sharply pointed reverse. Both of these make it ideal for penetrating light armour and causing deeper wounds by concentrating the force of the blow into a smaller area. This a two-handed melee weapon.

Name Class Range Dam Pen Special Wt. Availability
Warhammer Melee 1d10+2 I 1 Ogryn-Proof, Primitive (8) 4.5kg Scarce
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