Rise Of The Death Rhinoz

The battle upon Sisk which raged between the upstart clan, The Death Rhinoz, and a cruiser filled with Dark Angels.

Game 1 - The Battle of Hexwood Hills


Berthelot - Dark Angels
Doug - Orks


Dark Angels patrolling Hexwood Hills en masse run into a group of feral Death Rhinoz Orks who have been building in strength on the planet. The Ork party is led by a Big Mek who was out with his Deff Dread repairing the tribe's namesake looted Trukk. A brief skirmish erupts over a high feature in the woods, and the Orks break and run from the withering bolter fire that rapidly cuts their force down. One of their trukks is lost in the skirmish, their three cannons are destroyed by space marine jetbikes, and the Big Mek and Dread are destroyed before they can be brought to bear on the enemy's Terminators. The surviving orks rush back to tell the warboss of the fight, leaving out that they ran away, and the looted wagon limps back to base behind them.

Game 2

12 Jan 13


620 pts total annihalition game
Berthelot - Dark Angels; Balthazar (HQ), Terminator Squad in reserve, Space Marine Tactical Squad, Jetbike Squad
Doug - Orks; Morgul Zogthraka (Ghazgul Thraka Model/rules, HQ), Two Ork Trukks with Big Shoota and Looted Wagon, 3 mounted sections of Ork Boyz (10 Ork Boyz Slugga/Choppa, 1 Ork Boy w/ Rokkit Launcha, 1 Ork Nob with (1 Power Klaw, 1 Big Choppa, 1 Choppa/Slugga))


Morgul Zogthraka, leader of the Death Rhinoz, mounts up 3 sections of Ork Boyz into a mini-waaagh patrol that he personally leads to go look for "dem fool mareens" from the previous skirmish. Morgul runs beside one of the trukks and the looted wagon on the southern flank, while the other trukk takes the northern flank, attempting to catch the humies in between their shootas and choppas. The northern trukk screeches to a halt as it maneuevers in between a copse of woods and swamp so that they orks can bring their shootas to bear on the advancing marine jetbikes. The Ork vehicles manage to destroy the jetbikes before the orks who dismounted from the northern trukk can even engage them.
The jetbike's destruction spurs the terminator squad on, as they deepstrike into location to the west of the ork forces. Morgul splits his forces, commanding the already dismounted forces to take to the woods for cover and then assault the marine tactical squad to the east while he and the trukk he was escorting turn around and attack the terminators. The orks destroy the terminators before they even manage to get a few shots off, descending on them with sluggas and wild axes. Morgul doesn't even get to engage before the ork boy squad rips them apart.
The space marine squad up with Balthazar rip into the ork boys in the woods, eventually decimating the squad, forcing them to retreat, as the Orks mount back up in their trukk and speed towards the group with Morgul. The trukk screeches to a halt in front of the space marines, and the boyz launch themselves over the hood. The big shoota and all the ork boyz' sluggas drop the tactical squad one by one, until they clash in a choppa/chainsword melee. The tactical squad is routed, killed to the last man, but the Ork Boyz victory is short lived as Balthazar rips them apart, and they run for the hills. It comes down to Balthazar and Morgul, with the Dark Angel getting a round off before Morgul closes the distance and heartily bashing the marine apart.
Plagued by plasma gun mishaps and bad luck, Balthazar has to admit defeat, retreating from Morgul's ripping power klaw battered and alone while the Ork whoops in victory, thinking the Marine dead in the dust behind him.

Game 3

26 Jan 13
Kill team game: 4 objectives, worth either 2 or 1 point each.
Berthelot - Dark Angels
Doug - Orks

Game 4

9 Feb 13
Planet: Sisk, final battle to determine fate of Sisk.
Type: Stronghold Assault - Last Stand (Last Stand of Sisk Mission Details)

Doug: Sisk Siegers an Ork/Imperial Guard Army
Berthelot: Sisk Defenders a Dark Angels/Salamanders army

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