Rite Of Static Overload (Talent)

Tier: 2
Prerequisite: One or more Cybernetic limbs, Tech-Use +10
Aptitudes: Intelligence, Tech
Cybernetic limbs and mechadendrites are typically designed to be insulated against any loss of control over the energies within, thus protecting their users from the risks associated with powerful electric currents running through the body. However, some users of such cybernetic appendages learn to unleash the energies that control these limbs, in a more or less controlled fashion depending on whether or not the Omnissiah smiles upon their efforts.
This character may make a Challenging (+0) Tech-Use Test as a Half Action to attempt to channel the energies within one or more of his cybernetic limbs outward. If he succeeds, for a number of Rounds equal to his Intelligence Bonus, his attacks with these limbs (be they unarmed attacks with a bionic arm or leg, attacks with an inbuilt weapon, or attacks with a mechadendrite of some sort) gain the Shocking Quality. After a number of Rounds equal to his Intelligence Bonus or if he fails the Test by four or more Degrees of Failure, the cybernetic appendage shuts down until he can dedicate several minutes to fixing it with a Routine (+20) Tech-Use Test.

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