Runtherd (Handler)
Runtherd (Handler)
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
37 19 46 44 30 24 32 26 21

Movement: 3/6/12/18 Wounds: 15
Armour: Flak armour (Body 2). Total TB: 7
Skills: Intimidate (S), Survival (Int) +10.
Talents: Bulging Biceps, Crushing Blow, Furious Assault, Hardy, Iron Jaw, Street Fighting, True Grit.
Traits: Brutal Charge (2), Make it Work, Might Makes Right, Mob Rule, Sturdy, Unnatural Toughness (3).
Weapons: Slugga (Pistol; 20m; S/3/-; 1d10+4 I; Pen 0; Clip 18; Reload Full; Inaccurate, Unreliable),
choppa (Melee; 1d10+6 R; Pen 2; Tearing, Unbalanced),
grot prod (Melee; 1d5+5 I; Pen 0; Shocking).
Gear: Shiny bitz, Ork teeth (“teef ”), Squig hound.

Talents and Traits


All Orks possess the instinct to bully those smaller than themselves and while Ork culture, if one chooses to call it that, is based around this fact, Runtherds take special pride in their talents for bullying. A rare member of Ork society, the Runtherd possesses remarkable patience and foresight, often able to plan weeks in advance, a capacity almost unheard of in the rest of their kin. Runtherds use these rare talents to breed the fiercest Gretchin, Snotlings, and Squigs, providing their clans with runts capable of several tasks both in and out of combat. While many Orks would grow bored tormenting weedy runts like grots and snots, Runtherds delight in their work, taking great pride in their charges. This notion of pride does not go so far as to become sentimentality or leniency, indeed, Runtherds can often be some of the most brutal and cruel bullies within Ork society, seeing each and every thump of their grabba stick as one more step towards the perfect runt.
Traditionally, Runtherds goad their charges into battle from the rear, armed with either a grabba stick or a grot-prod. The former is a long pole topped by a vice-like pincer, oftentimes embellished with spikes and other nasty accoutrements. This weapon-tool is used to restrain errant runts while inflicting enough pain to discourage future mistakes. The grot-prod is a devious device built by an ingenious Mek consisting of long pole topped with a shock-prod, which combines the reach of a grabba stikk with the painful and incapacitating effects of a shock maul. Progressive Runtherds take nearly as much delight in the flash of voltaic light as they do the twitching forms of their charges after the liberal application of this device. Few can deny the effectiveness of the Runtherds’ methods, as they are able to drive the cowardly Gretchin into the very heart of battle, focus the bumbling swarms of Snotlings to overwhelm the mightiest foe, and even direct the mindless hunger of their Squigs.

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