Savanderian 24th - 15A

All should be in Savanderian 24th uniform, grey with green armour. Vehicle is Kervathan Urban Chimera pattern.

Position Name Loadout Modelled?
Section Commander + Sniper Sgt Zecher Sniper Rifle Yes, Unpainted
Sniper Spotter Pte Hodor Autogun, Pistol, and Binos Yes, Unpainted
Missile Launcher Team Cpl Swatts and Pte Burns Missile Launcher and Ammo Yes, Unpainted
Medic Cpl Kunmar Medic Kit and Autogun Yes
Close Quarter Weapons Specialist Cpl Von Lichenstein Autopistols and Knives Yes
Rifleman x2 Pte Ruffles and Pte Ezekiel Autoguns Yes
Transport Chimera 428 Multilaser, Heavy Flamer (Hull), Storm Bolter (Pintle) No
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