Scrier's Gaze Results

Table 7–4: Scrier’s Gaze Results

DoS Result
1 Single Threat: The psyker manages to focus his view on a single key manoeuvre the enemy is either planning, or currently enacting. This could be an ambush, an all out assault, or a flflanking manoeuvre, but regardless of its nature, it is a key manoeuvre to the enemy’s plans.
2 Troop Movements: The psyker’s visions stretches over the entire battlefield, able to see the movement of all allied and enemy troops. However, he is unable to focus his vision enough to see the exact number and makeup of each unit.
3 Troop Numbers: The psyker controls the focus of his vision, he is aware of all previous effects and is also able to discern the number and makeup of each individual unit.
4+ Commander’s Plans: The psyker breaks through the veil of time, seeing the battle and its countless different outcomes. He is aware of all previous effects, and also knows details of the enemy commanders’ battle plans.
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