Sentry (Vehicle Trait)

The vehicle is controlled not by a living crewman but by some form of machine spirit, logis engine or some other ancient form of technology. A vehicle with the Sentry Vehicle Trait must be set to one of two possible firing modes: Point Defence or Sentry Mode.
• Point Defence: The vehicle sits in permanent Overwatch (see page 247 of the Only War Core Rulebook) but with a 90 degree fire arc.
• Sentry Mode: In Sentry Mode the vehicle has a specific area of influence (up to half the vehicle’s weapon’s range set by the one controlling the vehicle) and it may fire in any direction during its Turn. The vehicle rolls for Initiative as per the normal rules for initiative order.
Setting and changing modes on a vehicle with the Sentry Vehicle Trait requires an Ordinary (+10) Tech-Use Test. Failure means the machine spirit has not accepted the command and its weapons automatically Jam (but no ammunition is lost). The Jams must be cleared before the Guardsman reattempts the Test.
In addition to setting/changing the vehicles mode, the Guardsman also sets the vehicle’s target priority between antiinfantry, anti-tank and anti-air (assuming it is capable of later). The GM has final say in what counts as anti-infantry and anti-tank (eg. Squiggoths, whilst not technically vehicles, could be included in anti-tank whereas Reaver Jetbikes could be categorised as infantry). The vehicle’s target priority is set at the time that the vehicle’s firing mode is determined.

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