Type: Feudal World
The Sisk system lies close to the rimward flank of Waaagh! Grimtoof ’s main advance and, as such, is preparing for imminent invasion. The Spinward Front’s military authorities are drawing up plans for the first regimental founding in the world’s history.
Sisk is classed as a feudal world, meaning it is ruled by a land-owning noble caste and that its general level of technology is barely more advanced than gunpowder. Sisk has very little contact with the Calixis Sector or with the Imperium at large and this has been the case since its earliest days. Communication with the institutions of the Calixis Sector is deliberately limited, the small Adeptus presence assigned to the world operating in or from a number of void stations in orbit. The reason for this restriction is long lost to most, but the highest-placed know that it is a holdover from the days before the Angevin Crusade conquered the benighted depths of the Calyx Expanse. Though few are now aware of it, the native peoples of Sisk resisted the crusade’s advance and it was only the actions of Duke Severus the First that eventually forced them into compliance. Since that time, a pall of sullen bitterness has hung over the population, as if the shame of that distant age is seeped into the very stones of its walled cities.
There is another reason why Sisk has remained isolated, however, and why it has yet to be subjected to a regimental tithe. The population seems more prone than others to genetic deviancy, instances of mutation running at higher levels than in other worlds in the region. These mutations appear relatively stable and one of the tasks of the Adeptus presence has been to ascertain if they constitute a classifiable abhuman strain. Most of Sisk’s sizable mutant population are possessed of additional joints in their arms, legs, hands and feet, giving them a distinctive and disturbing, loping gait when they move. Where there are mutants, of course, there are frequently psykers, and herein lies the reason for the Adeptus presence remaining in orbit. As the governor of Sisk, it falls to Lord Gavvit to monitor the rate of psyker manifestation and conduct regular purges to hunt down those not rendered to his enforcers by the population itself. Countless times throughout its history, some rogue psyker has risen to power on Sisk, perhaps even gaining dominance over an army of his people, before the authorities have conducted a brutal witch hunt in which thousands must be thrown to the pyre.
The surface of the world is a bleak and unforgiving land of windswept moors, foul swamps, and deep, brooding forests of twisted and malformed trees. The people live in high-walled cities, protected, so they hope, from mutant bands that roam the wilderness that are often driven to cannibalism and worse by the harshness of their existence. Very few outsiders live openly on the surface, though Lord Gavvit does maintain a number of hidden monitoring stations from which he can spy upon his subjects.
Imperial Guard troopers operating on Sisk are likely to be taking part in one of the periodic mutant purges, but they might be unfortunate enough to be taking part in a witch hunt, perhaps drafted into an Ordo Hereticus operation or supporting an Adepta Sororitas mission. They will be garrisoned on one of the orbital stations, but not likely the gilded palace that is Lord Gavvit’s personal domain. All too soon, they will be fighting across the mutant-haunted wilderness, cursing the relentless wind and rain and the shrieking, multiple-jointed cannibals that attack seemingly out of the mists themselves.

Recent Activity

The 808th recently saw action in a bizarre engagement on the planet of Sisk. Originally meant as a training exercise, a Steel Legion convoy of Chimeras was on patrol in the outer fringes of the northern continent when they encountered a band of rogue psykers and mutants led by a hulking figure in spiked power armour. The battle that followed was nightmarish— dramatic seismic upheavals rendered many of the Chimeras useless, and the Steel Legion was forced to dismount. The Armageddon troopers fought through the enemy’s psychic projections, crossing trenches of living fire and enduring assaults by ambulatory slime. The mutants and the warband’s commander inflicted severe casualties on the Steel Legion, but the regiments’ ability to withstand toxic environments enabled them to survive the onslaught and press on to claim a pyrrhic victory. Few other Guardsmen could have accomplished such a feat, and the banner of the 808th received a blessing from Sisk’s high cleric in honour of their bravery. - Excerpt from Only War

A passing Dark Angels patrol, a scouting vanguard of the grand Periphery Crusade, was routed to Sisk on rumours of increased hostile activity on the surface. They fought several pitched battles against the growing force of Death Rhinoz orks on the planet, eventually culminating in a brutal stand-off in the ruined town of Clearwater Grove as they called in reinforcements from their allied Salamanders battle brothers.

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