Size (X) (Trait)

Creatures come in one of ten different size categories, as shown on the table below for Size. Size affects movement, how well the creature can hide and move undetected, and how easy or hard it is to strike in combat. When calculating movement, apply the size modifier first, and then other modifiers from other Traits or Talents (such as Quadruped). For the purposes of comparison, a human is a Size (4) creature. Note that a creature’s movement cannot be reduced to less than 1.

Size To Hit Modifier Stealth Base Movement
Miniscule (1) (Autoquill, Knife) –30 +30 AB–3
Puny (2) (Bolt pistol, Servo-skull) –20 +20 AB–2
Weedy (3) (Gretchin, Human Child) –10 +10 AB–1
Average (4) (Human, Eldar) 0 0 AB
Hulking (5) (Ork Nob, Armoured Space Marines) +10 –10 AB+1
Enormous (6) (Sentinel Walker, Krootox) +20 –20 AB+2
Massive (7) (Battle Tank, Greater Daemon) +30 –30 AB+3
Immense (8) (Land Raider, Great Knarloc) +40 –40 AB+4
Monumental (9) (Squiggoth, Baneblade) +50 –50 AB+5
Titanic (10) (Reaver Battle Titan, Ordinatus War Machine) +60 –60 AB+6
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