The following rules apply to Skimmer Vehicles:
• Skimmers move roughly 2 metres above the ground at all times, in much the same way as people and creatures with the Hoverer Trait, but can adjust that height slightly when moving over ground-based obstacles. Skimmers can also move to Low Altitude, as described in the rules for Flying in Chapter I: Playing the Game (see page 38).
• Skimmers ignore all forms of Difficult Terrain (except those deemed appropriate by the GM).
• Skimmers gain a +10 bonus on all Tests involving Manoeuvrability.
• Skimmers are not true aircraft and therefore cannot fly at any significant altitude. Nevertheless, a sudden loss in motive power can be catastrophic to a skimmer as it ploughs into the ground, often at great speed. All Skimmers are subject to the rules for Crashing (see page 280).
• Skimmers can make use of the Ram Action (see Vehicle Movement, page 272), but if the Operate Test is failed they are treated as having Crashed into their target. This is usually a bad thing. See page 280 for the full rules for Crashing.
• Skimmers are often far more difficult to hit in melee combat than their ground-based counterparts and thus all Weapon Skill Tests made to attack a skimmer in Melee suffer a –10 penalty.
• Vehicles with the Skimmer Vehicle Trait may turn as many times as they like when moving, regardless of how far they move.

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