A Slugga is the Ork equivalent of a Space Marine Bolt Pistol. It is usually paired with a Choppa, and mobs of Boyz who carry the two are called Slugga Boyz. Due to the ramshackle nature of Ork weaponry, every Slugga is different, but most if not all Sluggas are semi-automatic, large calibre side arms. Though not as sophisticated as most other weapons used in the Imperium, Sluggas are no less effective than other, more advanced side arms when used correctly. As far as the melee-focused Ork holding it is concerned, the effectiveness of a Slugga is of little importance, as long as it is big and makes a loud noise when it fires.

Name Type/Group Range RoF Damage Pen Clip Reload Special Qualities
Slugga Pistol/ Solid Shot 20m S/3/– 1d10+4 I Pen 0 Clip 18 Reload Full Inaccurate, Unreliable
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