Solid Projectile Weapons

Commonly known as slug-throwers, these weapons are exceedingly plentiful across the Imperium. Most alien races have their own versions as well, for both technology and manufacture are fairly simple. Citizens of all types commonly carry one kind or another for their basic protection or livelihood. To use the various classes of solid projectile weapons, a character must have the Weapon Training (Solid Projectile) Talent.

Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Wt. Availability
Autopistol Pistol 30m S/–/6 1d10+2 I 0 18 Full 1.5kg Average
Stub Automatic Pistol 30m S/3/– 1d10+3 I 0 9 Full 1.5kg Average
Stub Revolver Pistol 30m S/–/– 1d10+3 I 0 6 2 Full Reliable 1.5kg Plentiful
Hand Cannon Pistol 35m S/–/– 1d10+4 I 2 5 2 Full 3kg Scarce
Sniper Rifle Basic 200m S/–/– 1d10+4 I 3 20 Full Accurate, Reliable 5kg Scarce
Autogun Basic 100m S/3/10 1d10+3 I 0 30 Full 5kg Average
Shotgun (Pump-Action) Basic 30m S/–/– 1d10+3 I 0 12 2 Full Scatter 5kg Average
Shotgun Basic 30m S/–/– 1d10+4 I 0 8 2 Full Scatter 5kg Average
Combat Shotgun Basic 30m S/3/– 1d10+4 I 0 18 Full Scatter 6.5kg Scarce
Ripper Gun Heavy 30m S/–/6 1d10+8 I 0 48 2 Full Ogryn-Proof, Scatter 35kg Common
Heavy Stubber Heavy 100m –/–/8 1d10+4 I 3 75 2 Full Ogryn-Proof 30kg Rare
M34 Autocannon Heavy 300m S/3/– 3d10+8 I 6 20 2 Full Ogryn-Proof, Reliable 40kg Very Rare
Battle Cannon Vehicle 750m S/–/– 3d10+10 X 8 12 3 Full Blast (10), Concussive (3), Reliable 350 kg Average
Demolisher Cannon Vehicle 50m S/–/– 4d10+20 X 10 2 Full Blast (10), Concussive (3) 400kg Rare
Vanquisher Battle Cannon Vehicle 900m S/–/– 3d10+10 X 16 6 2 Full Accurate 400 kg Very Rare
Earthshaker Cannon Vehicle 3,500m S/–/– 4d10+10 X 8 1 Full Blast (10+1d10), Concussive (5), Indirect (5) 800 kg Very Rare
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