Soul-Bound (Trait)

The soul of this creature is bound to a higher power or being, in return for a measure of protection. When this Trait is first gained, the entity to which the soul is bound must be decided. Many Imperial psykers, especially Astropaths, are soul-bound to the Emperor, for example, whereas Chaos Sorcerers may be bound to one of the Ruinous Powers. A soul-bound psyker rolls an additional die when forced to roll on the Perils of the Warp table, discarding whichever one he chooses to get a more favourable result. (Essentially, he may replace either the ones die or the tens die with the extra die he rolls.) Upon becoming soul-bound, a character must choose one of the following effects: 3d10 insanity-points, the permanent loss of their sight, permanent loss of 1d10 from one Characteristic, or a random mutation. In addition, a soul-bound character is permanently indebted to the entity, which undoubtedly entails all manner of other duties and consequences.

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