Spray (Weapon Quality)

Spray weapons project a cone of missiles, liquid, or fire out to the range of the weapon. Unlike other weapons, Spray weapons have just one range and, when fired, hit all those in their area of effect. The wielder does not need to Test Ballistic Skill; he simply fires the weapon. All creatures in the weapon’s path, a cone-shaped area extending in a 30-degree arc from the firer out to the weapon’s range, must make a Challenging (+0) Agility Test or be struck by the attack and take Damage normally. Cover does not protect characters from attacks made by Spray weapons unless it completely conceals them. Because Spray weapons make no roll to hit, they are always considered to hit targets in the body, and jam if the firer rolls a 9 on any of his Damage dice (before adding any bonuses). Due to their inaccurate nature, Spray Weapons cannot be used to make Called Shot Actions.

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