Stealth Sniper (Talent)

Tier: 2
Prerequisite: Stealth +10
Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Fieldcraft
This character knows the value of staying hidden even after battle has been joined, and has learned to time his shots so that he is extremely difficult to pinpoint, even after opening fire into a group of foes.
Whenever this character makes a Standard Ranged Attack Action or Ranged Called Shot Action against an enemy while he is in Cover or otherwise Concealed, he may make a Challenging (+0) Opposed Stealth Test, opposed by the Awareness Skill of any foes who might hear or see the shot. If he succeeds, he remains hidden from his enemies. The GM should adjust the Difficulty of the character’s Stealth Test or the enemy’s Awareness Test depending on the noise made by the weapon the character uses and any other environmental factors.

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