812th Armageddon Steel Legion

812th Armageddon Steel Legion

The bulk of my Armageddon army, currently fighting in the big Third Battle of Armageddon, routinely against Orks, but may occasionally have to deal with Chaos Space Marines as well.
They don't have much experience when it comes to fighting, only recently been stood up as a regiment as the war against the Orks rages on. As a result most of their troops are green recruits taken from the streetgangs of the planet or seasoned veterans from regiments that have been wiped out and forcibly disbanded. They

Paint Scheme: Not finalized yet, but will be a mix of khakis, gunmetals and dark earth colors for troops; vehicles will be grey with cream colored camo. As the army is fairly young they are enthusiastic about decorating themselves and their units with the spoils of war, and so Ork heads on tank or other trophies of war and homemade medals and awards aren't uncommon.
812 Armageddon Steel Legion 500 point Dismounted Platoon - A scouting force built as a conventional dismounted infantry platoon with recce assets. My first attempt at a small squad so I can start building with a purpose.
812 Armageddon Steel Legion 2000 point Ork Sweeper Army - A slow Ork killing force made specifically for tearing through lightly armored Ork forces and destroying their vehicles from a distance; supported by a Tank squad.

812th Regimental Organization
Commanding Officer – Colonel … (Tank Commander)
RSM – Lord Commisar
Regimental Advisors - Master of Ordinance

Armageddon Steel Legion Expeditionaries

A brother army of the Armageddon Steel Legion, the Steel Legion Expeditionaries, are a highly trained Regiment of Armored Imperial Guard that is sent to a number of outer-rim frontier worlds under threat of attack by Xeno forces, in particular Orks and in toxic environments. They specialize in heavily armored assaults, anti-vehicle tactics, and en-masse ork infantry extermination. Often fight alongside the Death Korps of Krieg in toxic environments, due to their shared specialized training. Most Guardsmen in this force are Veterans due to their experience fighting on Armageddon before embarking on these extended away missions.
This army is mainly so I can experiment with paint schemes and unit composition and for playing games in other environments or non-conventional games like Apocalypse, Escalation, Kill-Team and a sort of Space Hulk type game, while keeping with the lore of my army.

Codexes that may need to be used for mixed unit play – Imperial Guard, Space Wolves, Grey Knights, Blood Angels, Space Marines, Apocalypse Rulebook

+ Associated Units

Grey Knights – Helped in First Battle of Armageddon
Space Wolves – Helped in First Battle of Armageddon

Blood Angels – Helped in Second Battle of Armageddon
Salamanders – Helped in Second Battle of Armageddon
Ultramarines – Helped in Second Battle of Armageddon

Sisters of Battle – Helping in Third Battle of Armageddon
Legio Metalica (Grey Skulls) Titan Legion – Helped in Second and Third Battle of Armageddon

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