Tauros Venator

A further modification of the Tauros Assault Vehicle, the Venator is larger and more heavily armed, featuring a powered turret and an additional set of independently powered wheels. The increased size also allows for slightly thicker frontal armour, making the Venator capable of withstanding more punishment whilst engaging in flanking or hit and fade attacks. Designed to give Elysian regiments a form of fast-moving heavy weapon support, the Venator’s turret and missile hard points allow it to excel at both anti-infantry and anti-tank duty.

Type: Wheeled Vehicle Tactical Speed: 20 m
Cruising Speed: 110 kph Manoeuvrability: +10
Structural Integrity: 25 Size: Enormous
Armour: Front 18, Side 15, Rear 15
Vehicle Traits: Enhanced Motive Systems, Open-Topped, Rugged, Wheeled Vehicle
Crew: 1 Driver (hunter-killer missiles), 1 Gunner (turret)
Carrying Capacity: None

Turret-mounted weapon (choose one of the following):
• Twin-linked multi-lasers (150m; –/–/5; 2d10+10 E; Pen 2; Clip 400; Reload 2 Full; Reliable, Twin-Linked)
• Twin-linked lascannons (300m; S/–/–; 5d10+10 E; Pen 10; Clip 30; Reload 2 Full; Proven [3])

• Two Fixed hunter-killer missiles (Front Facing; 350m; S/–/–; 3d10+6 X; Pen 6; Clip 1)

Special Rules
The Venator follows the same special rules for its motive systems as the Tauros Assault Vehicle.
Although it is a Wheeled Vehicle, Tauros Assault Vehicles are treated as Tracked Vehicles for the purposes of Tests involving Difficult Terrain and when determining how much slower they get when suffering critical damage. Additionally they ignore the usual penalties to Operate Tests that Wheeled Vehicles normally suffer when taking Motive Systems Damage.

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