Telekine Dome (Pyker Power)

Value: 300xp
Prerequisites: Psy Rating 4
Action: Half Action
Focus Power: Challenging (+0) Willpower Test
Range: 5 metres x Psy Rating
Sustained: Free Action
Subtype: Concentration
Description: Extending his power over his allies, the psyker creates a shimmering dome of energy around them that deflects enemy fire as effectively as any bunker. Despite its sturdy protection, the dome feels no different than thin air, and allies and enemies alike can pass through it unheeded.
The psyker chooses a point in range and line of sight, and creates a dome of invisible energy centred on that point with a radius equal to half the psyker’s Psy Rating, rounded up. All allies standing inside the dome gain a number of Armour Points equal to the psyker’s Psy Rating to all Locations against any attack that originated outside of the dome’s radius. However, enemies may still physically pass through the dome at no penalty.

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