The Farside Of Ganf Magna

This is a series of 5 missions which will lead up to a final blowout sixth mission with it's events influenced by prior games. This is an experimental mini-campaign that will use a couple of homebrew rules to represent limited resources on both sides. This campaign type will not always result in balanced battles, and in fact is designed to allow for enormously one-sided ones, but will hopefully allow the players themselves to choose just how much so. It should largely depend on which t

Homebrew Rules

Limited Reinforcements
Each side will start with 10,000 Campaign Pts. These are used for reinforcements and special abilities which will be detailed below.

  • Each mission will have a limit of 1500 pts worth of units that you can bring at the beginning, though you are not actually limited to that many, and you are not forced to bring that much. So if you wish to conserve your CP for the next mission you may bring the minimum amount of troops to engage the enemy.
  • At the end of each battle, tally up the dead, and remove them from your Campaign Points total.
  • If you retreat in a battle you will save on CP. Those units that retreated are not fully taken off the total, and you lose only 1/4 of their CP total, to represent lost ammunition, fatigue and fuel.
  • If you wish to take over the 1500 pt limit it will cost you more in CP and they can only be taken as reserve. These units will subtract 1/2 their point value from the CP whether they are used or not, and will lose their full value of CP if killed. So for example; I have my 1500 pt army ready, but decide to keep an additional 150 pts worth of deffkoptas in reserve. I would subtract 75 pts from my CP to do so, and another 150pts after the battle if they died.
  • If you wish to resurrect a unit that has just died to re-enter the battle you may do so, this does not include warlords or unique characters however, as this is supposed to represent an emergency battlefield reinforcement. If you resurrect a unit, it will subtract 2x their CP from the total and enter your reserve pool; and if they die again they lose CP normally. For example, my squadron of 10 Lootas is killed by a lucky air strike in Turn 1, so I decide that my strategy hinged on their survival and I need another squad. I put their bodies into my reserve pool, subtract double their 150 pt total from my CP, and they come back out in Turn 3 only to be killed again. In this way that one unit of Lootas would have cost 150 initially, 300 to bring back out, and 150 when they died again for a total of 600CP. An expensive mistake.
  • Certain Campaign Special Abilities, like a one-time use Planetary Bombardment or a Void Shield, could cost you CP.
  • Named characters who fall in combat will die or be gravely injured and unusable for the remainder of the mini-campaign.


The Far Side of Ganf Magna while a battle rages on the other side between the Imperial Guard and the Orks.

Mission Flow

Possible Rewards

Artillery: Preliminary Bombardment Special Rule (200 CP per use; only once every 5 turns)
Minefields: Winner gets 3 minefields in their inventory that they can drop. This is not limited to one battle, but once a minefield is used it is gone from their inventory.
Extra Ammo: All one-time use only weapons get a free reload once. (From an ammo dump)
Quicker Reserves: Get a +1 to reserve rolls, and a -1 to opponents for that turn.

Mission 1 - Landfall

Mission 2 - Defend the Guns

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