The Flesh Is Weak (Talent)

Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Two or more Cybernetics, Tech-Use +10
Aptitudes: Tech, Toughness
The character’s body has undergone significant bionic replacement, trading frail flesh for unyielding metal. The character is more machine than man now, and has the resilience to prove it, though his squad mates might look somewhat sceptically upon his bionically enhanced form.
This character gains the Machine (X) Trait, where X is equal to half of the number of Cybernetics he possesses (rounded up), to a maximum of an amount equal to his Toughness Bonus. If he gains a new Cybernetic, the value of the Trait increases to reflect the new Cybernetic. Note that this only applies to Cybernetics such as bionic replacement limbs and organ replacements, sub-systems, and mechadendrites (see page 204 of the Only War Core Rulebook), and not to Traits and Talents that grant similar effects.

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