The Seraphim
Name Position Description
Captain Avidius Cassius The Imperial Navy Captain of the Seraphim. /
Commander Gabriel Drakken Commander of all Imperial Guard on the Seraphim Nicknamed the Dragon early in his military career, Gabriel decided to go with the joke and focused on the regular use of flame weaponry in his tactics. He has been given command of this point mission due to his previous experience with Orks and the glee with which he orders their extermination and cleansing with fire.
Warrant Officer duVallee The Imperial Guard Head Quartermaster of the Seraphim. Is a Valhallan by birth and so he is incredibly stingy with supplies, always "saving them for an emergency".
Ship's Master
Gun Captain
Engsinseer Prime
Chief Astropath
Master Gunner
Major Alexander Petersson Master of Ordnance Is a very upright British style gentleman of an Officer. Cool under pressure, and has proven capable at calling in danger close artillery often. Was recently shaken after being caught in the explosion of a nearby destroyed Dreadnaught, but maintains a stiff upper lip.
Master of Arms
Ship's Surgeon
Officer of the Watch
Fleet Commissar
Ship's Confessor

Warrant Officers
Ship's Master - The Ship's Master is generally the senior-most Warrant Officer and most experienced voidsman onboard a given starship. Often the master is tasked with critical responsibilities, such as stellar navigation and the keeping of the starship's log. In addition, he or she might oversee the keeping of the ship's attitude jets, hangar decks, and stores and supplies.
Gun Captain - A Gun Captain is a highly respected non-commissioned officer who has the great responsibility of commanding a single gun crew on an Imperial warship. The Gun Captain is the foremost expert on performing all the duties of the subordinate ratings in his or her command and often achieves the post only after decades of working his or her way up through all the different enlisted ratings.
Sergeant-At-Arms - A Sergeant-At-Arms is placed in charge of a squad of Armsmen anywhere between six and twenty-strong with responsibility for close action in naval combat (such as hit-and-run attacks and boarding actions). A Sergeant-At-Arm's greatest responsiblity is the keys entrusted to him for the weapons lockers found on every deck of a warship. When battle commences the Master-At-Arms signals the Sergeants to clear the decks and prepare for action, indicating at that time whether to arm the crew. Sergeants-At-Arms are often recruited via warrant or planets from among former Imperial Guardsmen to ensure they do not have prior associations with the current crew of their warship.
Bosun (Boatswain) - A starship's Bosuns are disciplinarians and taskmasters in a crew, assigned to oversee the common enlisted ratings and indentured workers, determine their duties and ensure that they are carried out efficiently. This often means that Bosuns are responsible for enforcing discipline on recalcitrant crewmembers, and are likely to handle that task personally. This makes them unpopular figures, and aboard many warships they find themselves naturally allied with a ship's Sergeant-At-Arms, as their duties are similar.

Specialist Ranks
Tech-Priest Majoris (Engsinseer Prime) - The Tech-Priest Majoris is the Adeptus Mechanicus representative on a warship's bridge crew and is responsible for communicating the needs of the Mechanicus to the Captain and his officers.
Priniciple Navigator (Warp Guide) - The Principe Navigator is the senior-most Navigator on a warship who has the terrible responsibility of charting a passage through the Warp and bringing the starship through unharmed.
Chief Astropath - A Chief Astropath is the senior Astropath aboard a warship and has direct dealings with the Captain. He or she is responsible for ensuring that the warship's Astropathic Choirs are able to maintain adequate long-range communications.
Master Gunner - The Master Gunner is a high-ranking Warrant Officer given responsibility for the maintenance and performance of the warship's macrobatteries and Lances. He or she is also responsible for ammunition storage and power linkages.
Master of Ordnance - A Master of Ordnance is responsible for managing torpedoes and Attack Craft such as huge starbombers, lumbering assault boats and agile fighters carried within a warship's vast launch bays. The Master of Ordnance coordinates the efforts of the deck crews to ensure everything is fuelled, armed and ready to launch at a moment's notice.
Master of Arms - The Master of Arms, also called the Master-At-Arms, is charged with ensuring that all weaponry onboard a warship is serviceable and ready for action, from the greatest macrocannon to the meanest Stub Pistol. The Sergeants-At-Arms report directly to the Master of Arms, and by extension all Armsmen are under his or her control, and so they also perfom a role akin to that of a chief of police aboard ship. The Master of Arms is normally appointed from among the commissioned officers on a ship but more rarely a senior Warrant Officer may hold this position.
Ship's Surgeon - Also called the Chief Chirurgeon or unofficially, "Sawbones," the Ship's Surgeon is charged with administrating and maintaining the medicae facilities aboard the vessel. A Ship's Surgeon's duties include combatting disease and malnutrition among the crew as well as suturing flesh and setting bones.
Officer of the Watch - The Officer of the Watch draws up duty rosters, assigns watches and attends the warship's chronometers. On most Imperial Navy starships the title of Officer of the Watch is rotated through the ranking commissioned officers. On older vessels it tends to become a permanent position assigned to the officer that has served the longest time aboard a vessel.
Fleet Commissar - Like their Imperial Guard counterparts, Commissars are appointed to the fleets of the Imperial Navy. Working closely with the ship's Master of Arms, the Fleet Commissar ensures a warship is kept battle-ready at all times and that the crew remains focused on their duty to the Emperor. A Fleet Commissar has the authority to declare a Captain or even an entire crew unfit for service if he or she is sufficiently concerned about their actions or the state of their ship. At least one Fleet Commissar will normally be aboard any capital ship. In the case of Escort squadrons a Fleet Commissar will divide his time between the different vessels in the squadron in a series of snap inspections and drills.
Ship's Confessor - A Ship's Confessor is a vessel's Ecclesiarchy representative who works tirelessly to promote the Imperial Creed among the crew and weed out potential Heretics. In these duties the Confessor is usually assigned by lay-preachers chosen from the most faithful on the lower decks. This is particularly essential on large warships as it allows the Confessor to concentrate his or her efforts on the warship's officers, shriving and chastising them as required, reminding them of their duties to the God-Emperor loudly and often.

Regiments Onboard

As one of the initial first-strike cruisers in the battlefleet The Seraphim provides a variety of quick-strike and recce capabilities in multiple terrains. Their proscribed task is to lead ahead, recce the area, and then harass and occupy the enemy's attention long enough to bring in the bulk of the army reinforcements to begin the true fight.

Elysian Drop Troops - The main bulk of the army units on The Seraphim due to their ability to drop into hostile areas and gain initial lodgement without much investment. Has several regiments on board; the 121st "Snow Owls" Drop Infantry who specialize mainly in sub-zero temperature operations, the 62nd "Marching Angels" Vendetta Squadron, the 88th "Flying Squirrels" Armored Recce Taurus Company for wide-open agri-worlds where they can bring their grenade launchers to bear and the 87th "Hailstorm" Drop Sentinels as well as scattered squads pulled from several others trained in multiple environments.
Catachan Jungle Fighters - Brought on board to act as SMEs for jungle warfare and death planet operation; represented by a heavy sanctioned Psyker Battle Squad, and highly mobile heavy weapons teams specializing in demolitions and heavy flamers.
Tallarn Desert Troopers - The SMEs for desert warfare; they have several dismounted light scout sections on board, but the bulk of their force onboard is represented by their anti-armour tank hunters, the 45th "Rust Devils" Roughrider Regiment which is split between beast-mounted fighters and dismounted long range missile launcher teams.
Death Korps of Krieg - Has a moderate presence on board, but a very important one, providing the only means of fortifying and holding a position. The 522nd Death Korps Siege Artillery Regiment is a faceless unit that keeps to itself and zealously guards and maintains it's siege weaponry and tank company. It's assets include a platoon of infantry/sappers devoted to building up and maintaining defensive strongpoints augmented by several autocannon teams, an armoured platoon consisting of it's very rare Mars Alpha Pattern Leman Russ Vanquisher, accompanied by two Punisher Leman Russ Tanks; and most importantly an artillery battery consisting of Centaur Artillery Tractors to pull Heavy Mortar teams, and their 3 prized weapons, the Earthshaker Cannon firing Basilisk artillery pieces. Once The Seraphim has landed and the Death Korps has rolled out it's defenses, the area can be considered to be overwhelmingly secured.
Tanith First and Only - Veteran Scouting/Sniper platoon that was brought on to provide support and expert advice to all scout elements within the army. Though the individual units have authority to do as they wish within their respective favored environments in regards to environmental considerations, they are supposed to accept the guidance of the Tanith veterans in other matters for best possible chance at mission success. The Tanith commander also directly reports to Commander Gabriel Drakken to assist in the army's tactical planning as the recconaissance SME.

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